LU’s International Student Council hosts Holi celebration

Lamar University's campus burst with colors as the International Student Council (ISC) and India Student Association (ISA) united to host Holi on Wednesday, March 27. Holi Fest 2024

Holi, known as the "Festival of Colors" or the "Festival of Love," is deeply rooted in Hindu tradition. During the event, participants immersed themselves in the rich traditions of Holi, embracing the custom of throwing colors as a symbol of unity and the triumph of good over evil.  

"It's a religious Hindu festival, but we don’t play it religiously, we play it just culturally where everyone is welcome to come and join us. We throw colors and we eat a lot of good food," Samina Shiakh, treasurer of ISC said. "We have a large population of international students, so we just like to not only celebrate that for our students that are Indian, but also it's just kind of fun for everybody and anyone can join in," Shiakh said. 

Holi commemorates various events in Hindu mythology, including the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, and the end of winter. One of the central narratives associated with Holi is the story of Prahlada and Hiranyakashipu, which symbolizes the triumph of devotion and righteousness over malevolence. 

Holi Festival at LUHome to a multicultural campus population, celebrations like Holi serve as a bridge to foster understanding and appreciation for different cultures and expand goodwill across the LU community.  

"It's a lot of fun for us to have multicultural organizations on campus just because it helps everybody learn about each other's cultures and kind of know what's going on around the world," Shiakh said. "It also helps just so our international students feel welcome as well on campus, and our domestic students will also be able to learn about the cultures around the world." 

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