LU’s Dr. Msengi publishes memoir

In a memoir titled "Spared,” LU’s Dr. Clementine Msengi recounts her harrowing escape from one of the darkest chapters in human history – the Rwandan genocide.Dr. Clementine Msengi

The memoir follows Msengi's journey from surviving the genocide against the Tutsi, which claimed the lives of over one million people, to her ultimate success as an American citizen, an award-winning community leader, and a respected academic. "Spared" not only serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, but also provides a roadmap for newcomers seeking to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams in the land of opportunity 

Dr. Msengi highlighted the profound lessons embedded in her narrative, emphasizing the importance of learning from the tragic events in Rwanda.   

“There are many lessons we can learn from what happened in Rwanda. My narrative opens doors for discussions on these and associated issues stemming from this abhorrent event in world history,” Dr. Msengi said. “I believe readers will be drawn to timeless themes of hope, triumph over hate, faith, forgiveness, and resilience, leading to a better awareness of how our universal experiences can unite us.” 

The book is receiving acclaim for capturing the essence of the American spirit and portraying the journey of overcoming challenges to pursue one's dreams.

“From the moment she first stepped foot on U.S. soil, Dr. Msengi’s resilience has represented the spirit of America. For those guiding newcomers along their journey in the land of opportunity, ‘Spared’ delivers a gritty, resourceful road map to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.”

Lamar University Professor Emerita Dr. Sandra Harris echoed this sentiment expressing that “Spared” is a story of the strength of the human spirit.

Spared Book“‘Spared’ is a true story that goes beyond mere survival and instead through the power of resilience and courage becomes a story of hope,” Dr. Harris said. “Clementine is an ordinary girl who grew up in Rwanda during the genocide. Yet in the midst of horrifying experiences, she tells an extraordinary story of how the human spirit can achieve the seemingly impossible. In ‘Spared’, Clementine reminds us that one’s dreams must not be consumed by tragedy. Instead, she encourages us to fuel our dreams with hard work and courage for the future.”

Dr. Msengi holds a position on the faculty at the Center for Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership. In 2003, she was awarded a fellowship from the Echoing Green Foundation, enabling her to establish an organization dedicated to aiding refugees and immigrants in adapting to American culture while actively contributing to the well-being of local communities. Recognizing her significant contributions to the field, she was recently honored with induction into the Hall of Excellence within the School of Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services at the University of Northern Iowa's College of Education. Msengi has earned numerous accolades, including the prestigious Outstanding American by Choice Award from the Department of Homeland Security.

“Spared” is available for purchase on Amazon.