LU Moment: Beyond the Podcast with the Student Health Center

On this week's episode of the LU Moment, we caught up with the Lamar University Student Health Center’s Health Education Program Coordinator, Jayna Bonnette.

In this Q&A session, we discuss all things Student Health Center (SHC) and the services that they provide to our Cardinals.  

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What programs do you think more students should be taking advantage of, or be more aware of?

I think that they really need to be utilizing the counseling services that we have, and TimelyCare because TimelyCare is free to students, and it's 24/7 and totally virtual. I think that's a neat resource that kind of gets slept on sometimes. We also have four great in-house counselors that you can see in person. So, whether you would like to do virtual or in person, you get to choose, and it's a flat fee of $10 for appointments. Now, for medical services, I also think that you should take advantage of that too.

What are some misconceptions that you would like to dispel about the SHC? 

Probably that we don't offer a lot. I think that's a misconception I want to address because we do offer so much, we offer STI testing, we offer over-the-counter contraceptives and over-the-counter medications, and we can actually help you get some prescriptions filled off-site at local pharmacies. We also offer health education programs and counseling services as well.

Are all services free, or are there fees associated with certain programs?

If you go to our website,, it will break down all the costs for you for the counseling services and medical as far as fees. The services cost $10. For example, to get an appointment at the health center, it's $10 billed to your account, and if you did get lab work, or you needed a special service, those fees could go up depending on the service that you're getting. But it starts off with nominal fees, and we don't bill on insurance. That's a really big perk, and it just goes right to your student account. 

Jayna Bonnette HeadshotHow does the SHC decide on the types of events that are offered to the student body?

We look at the needs of our students each semester as they're presented to us. For finals, we always love to do a really nice de-stress tabling or de-stress event, and maybe collaborate with other departments on campus. STI testing is another big need. Even though we do it here in the health center, we have a free STI testing day, once a month in the Setzer Center. It's based on need and interest. For example, speed friending, they loved it this past semester, so we're going to do it again in the fall. So, it just depends on what the students are interested in and what we feel is needed.

Is there anything that you’d like to share with LU students about the importance of regular health check-ups?

Yes, absolutely. They are so important, because things could get missed down the line if you don't do your regular health screenings and things like that. It's also just good for your overall health to know your markers and to know what's normal for you, because everyone is different. Everyone has different baselines, so if you go at least yearly and get your labs done, or your exams done that you need to do whether male or female, it really can help you out in the long run.