LU Moment: Beyond the Podcast featuring Cardinal View

On this week's episode of the LU Moment, we caught up with LU Crew members Annette Castillo and Jordan Campbell. 

In this Q&A session, we discuss all things Cardinal View, happening on Saturday, Mar. 2, and how future Cardinals can get the most out of their experience.  

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If you could offer one piece of advice to students who are undecided about their academic major, what would it be, and how can Cardinal View assist them in the decision-making process? 

Annette: I think that it's not something that students  should be worrying about. I mean, I know several different people here who have changed their majors in the middle of junior or sophomore year, or have even added a minor their last year. There’s always time and your first year is always just your basic courses, so you always have time to grow and learn about the different courses that we offer here at Lamar so that you're able to choose the one that interests you the most. 

Jordan: Don’t rush, because your first two years are you getting acclimated into college. First, you're relearning yourself. It's  a change from high school to college. So even though you might think that you'd like something coming out of high school, you might not like it two to three years down the line in college. So, I say don't rush the process if you're undecided, but always look at what you are interested in; take classes that you never thought to take.   

What advice do you have for attendees who are interested in connecting with current students to gain insights into the student experience at Lamar University during Cardinal View? 

Annette: I would say to speak with all the organizations that we're going to have at Cardinal View, because that is where you'll get most information from students who are running the organizations. They are students, and so they know what Lamar University is and they know everything that goes on around campus firsthand.  

Jordan: Don't be scared to speak to the upperclassmen; they are here to help. Everyone here on campus is very friendly. It's very family friendly. So, just ask a quick question, and then you could start a whole conversation just like that. 

What are some common misconceptions that prospective students may have about college life and academics, and how can/how does Cardinal View dispel these myths?  

Annette: I feel like a misconception is that there aren't that many opportunities for help like financial aid. You might think that you don't have many options, but I feel like Cardinal view really helps to get that information out to not only the prospective students, but their parents and their family members.   

Jordan: You might not have something to do every day, but college is what you make it. Cardinal View also shows a lot of the student organizations on campus who help host events every day, and it's not the same organization, there's a different organizations’ events that you can go to every day.  

If you could sum up Cardinal View in one sentence, what would that sentence be? 

Annette: An explosion of many different things, because we have all types of organizations and departments and sessions, from people who work here at Lamar University to tell you and give you all this information so that you're able to kind of see what we are able to offer at Lamar University. 

Jordan:  I'm going to say chaotic fun, and I say that with all the  different events going on throughout Cardinal View, with the tours, different panels going on, and different student organizations that's going to be at the event. 

Cardinal View seems to experience some type of growth with every new event. What are some new additions that you are looking forward to? 

Annette: We’re going to be offering  free baseball tickets for our baseball game after Cardinal View, which I'm pretty sure we have not done in our previous years. So, the student will get a free baseball ticket, and their family members will get in free. We're also going to be giving some fliers for the Spindletop Museum; they're also going to be putting on something for our students who are attending. 

Jordan: There’s a lot of good stuff that’s new, but as the main tour specialist making sure other tours are flowing very smoothly without any hiccups is what I look forward to the most.