Texas Academy excels at Model UN with multiple awards

Fourteen Texas Academy students showcased their abilities at The Woodlands High School Model United Nations Conference (TWHSMUN), with three receiving awards. Texas Academy Model United Nations Award Winners

“Last year, when we attended Houston Area Model United Nations for the first time it was an eye-opening experience”, LU Texas Academy Coordinator and Student Success Coach Ariel Burgess said. “This year, our students were much more equipped to compete, and when they were given the opportunity to participate in The Woodlands Area Model United Nation Conference they jumped at the opportunity.” 

Model United Nations (MUN), an academic simulation of the United Nations, provides students with a unique platform to delve into the realms of diplomacy and international relations. The conference saw participants, referred to as "delegates," representing countries, individuals, or organizations, and engaging in collaborative efforts to address diverse global challenges.

“The Texas Academy MUN team hit the ground running to prepare for this conference as soon as they arrived on campus in August. The team meets weekly to strategize, conduct research, and write draft position papers,” Burgess said. “While the students may be on different committees, the team works together to hold practice sessions on what it will be like the day of the conference. The more seasoned competitors helped with reviewing position papers, and by sharing their experience from the previous years in hopes of giving insight of what is to come. “

Among the standout performers from the Texas Academy were Sidra Ganni, Joanne Yi, and Chloe Doyle, who earned accolades for their exemplary contributions at TWHSMUN.

Sidra Ganni, a junior at Texas Academy, secured an Honorable Mention for her representation of David Lloyd George on the Crisis Committee. Joanne Yi, senior, earned Outstanding Position Paper for her portrayal of the country Gambia in the General Assembly Committee. Chloe Doyle, junior, was awarded Best Delegate while representing Germany on the General Assembly Committee.

The achievements of Texas Academy students showcase their commitment and dedication, underscoring the school's focus on developing critical thinking, research skills, and effective communication.

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