College of Engineering revamps Texas Academy student lounge

Lamar University’s College of Engineering (COE) surprised Texas Academy students returning from winter break with a revamped student lounge featuring new furniture, computer stations, photos, and a new acrylic logo on the wall.New Texas Academy Lounge 

“Lamar University’s College of Engineering is excited to support this upgraded student lounge for the Texas Academy students. I look at it as a strategic investment in supporting the Texas Academy’s growth, which benefits Lamar University and specifically the LU COE to attract and retain some of the highest achieving students on our campus which directly impacts the quality and quantity of engineering students,” Dean of the College of Engineering Brian Craig said.

The Texas Academy maintains a strong relationship with the College of Engineering, benefiting students financially, academically, and emotionally. Faculty and staff are highly supportive, with professors, department chairs, and the dean serving as mentors, investing time in providing advice and encouragement. 

New Texas Academy Lounge in UseAdditionally, the COE team consistently works to ensure Texas Academy students have a similar experience to undergraduates. They encourage participation in student organizations, support robotics competitions, hire Texas Academy students for summer camp roles, and invite them to observe the Career Fair. These efforts aim to prepare Texas Academy students for active participation when they become undergraduates, integrating smoothly into the wider academic community.

“The Texas Academy is abundantly excited about our new additions to our student lounge space and thankful to Dean Brian Craig and the College of Engineering for generously supporting a positive and engaging learning environment for our students,” Tilisa Thibodeaux, dean of the Reaud Honors College and Texas Academy said.

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