Lamar University Model UN Team excels at Lone Star Conference, clinches six awards

Model UN Students and Dr. Vallejo Group PhotoThe Lamar University Model United Nations (MUN) team demonstrated outstanding performance in various committees at the Lone Star Conference held on Nov. 4-5 in Richardson, Texas.  

The awards and respective countries are as follows: 

Security Council 

Russia: Ian Drake Rothenberger & Dakota W. Emerson 

  • Outstanding Delegation 
United States: Kevwe T. Onakpoya
  • Distinguished Delegation 

World Health Assembly (WHA) 

Brazil: Dylan Pardo & Grace Roy 

  • Delegate Choice (voted by fellow students) 
  • Honorable Mention (best delegates by the judges) 

United Nations Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) 

Brazil: Michael S. Vu  

  • Outstanding Position Paper 
  • Distinguished Delegation 

Visiting assistant professor, Dr. María Vallejo served as a first-time faculty advisor to the team.  

“My main goal was to create a supportive space for the students to ask questions and learn about the competition,” Dr. Vallejo said. “We met weekly to learn research techniques, go over the rules, and review drafts of their work. My mentorship focused on preparing them to debate, public speak, and engage with other students in this simulation of the United Nations.” 

The competition, which simulated the United Nations in its organization and procedures, required teams to represent specific countries and committees. 

Model UN Students at Lone Star Conference The preparation process involved in-depth research on the selected countries and the two assigned topics for each committee. For the WHA, topics included the responsible use of antibiotics and improving patient care, while the Security Council focused on the situation in Sudan and promoting cybersecurity and its impact on peace and security. 

"I credit my success as an advisor to the engagement and enthusiasm of the students who competed,” Dr. Vallejo said. “They put in a lot of hours and hard work. Seeing them excited about something they uncovered in their research or the strategies they used in competition was so rewarding." 

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