Lamar University unveils LU 100 statue

Lamar University, celebrating its centennial milestone this year, unveiled the LU 100 statue, showcasing the collaborative efforts of students and faculty in a project that took six months to complete.

The project was headed by Lamar University’s Centennial Committee.Building of LU 100 Statue

“With the support of Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC) and Regional Director of TMAC, Gavin Jones, our team was empowered to develop and lead the effort of creating the ‘100’ centennial sign,” Chris Brewer, committee member, said. “We worked to ensure that marketing’s logo design was honored and that we remained on schedule. Our team welded, sanded, and constructed the sign in The Birdhouse.”

The project was also aided by College of Engineering Laboratory Technician Walter Wheeler, who accepted the assignment to fabricate the LU 100 statue. The team played a pivotal role in bringing this monumental art piece to life.

"We, myself and the team, were approached by the centennial committee asking if we could fabricate the LU 100 statue. We accepted the assignment and started the preparations," Wheeler said.

Their responsibilities extended to material procurement, including some creative negotiations to get the letters precision cut with the help of Johnson Controls.

"We had the ability here to make their placards while their machine was down, and in return, they precision cut the letters with a waterjet machine,” Wheeler said. 

The design and artistic elements of the statue represent aspects of LU’s 100-year history.LU 100 Statue Construction

“The number '1' stands tall, symbolizing the university's towering success. The LU monogram represents the university's visual identity. The horizon incorporated into the last '0' looks forward to the bright future ahead, while the date commemorates years of a rich history,” Wheeler said.

Constructed with quarter-inch thick aluminum, the statue's vibrant colors were added using a powder coating system. Additionally, the LU monogram in the center of the statue is composed of three separate LU monograms, each in a distinct color, meticulously staggered to achieve the iconic black, white, and red color scheme of the LU monogram.

Two current Lamar University students, Dustin Barnes (civil engineering) and Joseph Raymer (computer science), played significant roles in the fabrication process, showcasing the collaborative spirit that defines Lamar University.

“As a staff member in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs and LU Alumni it was exciting to be engaged in such a student-focused project,” Pre-Award Contracts and Grants Manager Erin Lovelady Lemoine said. “I find it amazing that we have the capability on campus to complete this type of project. My personal contribution was mostly focused on aesthetics and giving feedback to the team regarding the overall look. It is a pleasure to work with great colleagues and students who are the future of our workforce. I hope to continue to be engaged in student-led projects in the future.” 

As Lamar University commemorates its centennial milestone, the LU 100 statue stands as a testament to the dedication, talent, and collaborative spirit of the university's students and faculty. This remarkable art piece serves as a lasting symbol of the institution's rich history and its unwavering commitment to a bright and prosperous future.

“It was an impressive feat, and we are proud of the work we did. We hope that it has a lasting impression on the LU community,” Brewer said.