CMMS energizes through education and expertise

To enhance industry knowledge and expand its influence, Lamar University's Center for Midstream Management and Science (CMMS) has been busy with several workshops, seminars, and a significant addition to its advisory board.  CMMS Update Graphic

CMMS recently sponsored a three-day course aimed at educating LU faculty, graduate students, and industry personnel on the complexities of the midstream sector. The course, delivered on the LU campus, featured expert instructors from GPA Midstream, an organization that serves and represents the midstream energy industry through collaborative expertise and advocacy.   

"CMMS is a proud member of GPA Midstream, and this event marked the second occasion on which we have collaborated with GPA Midstream instructors to offer this invaluable course as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance faculty education within the midstream arena,” Director of the Center for Midstream Management and Science Thomas Kalb said.  

The program covered a variety of topics related to the midstream industry, including midstream products, equipment commonly encountered in midstream facilities, and the processes involved in transforming natural gas liquids into valuable products. The overarching goal was to provide attendees with an immersive experience in the midstream industry, allowing them to grasp the scale of operations and to help faculty members bridge their academic knowledge and interests with real-world industry practices and challenges. 

CMMS collaborated with Dr. Komal Karani, professor of marketing at the College of Business, to hold a seminar focused on crafting effective one-minute elevator pitches. The goal was to equip faculty members with essential skills to present their ideas to potential commercial funding sources and influential stakeholders.  

Dr. Karani gave faculty members the tools to concisely articulate their ideas, research, and projects. The seminar addressed how to communicate effectively, enabling participants to craft pitches that are both concise and interesting.   

"We were fortunate to have Dr. Karani available to partner with us in this effort," Kalb said. "We are hopeful that this seminar will be useful to LU faculty and that it will become a regular event." 

CMMS announced the appointment of Wesley Carter to its advisory board. Carter brings a wealth of experience as a Process Safety Professional, with a background that spans various sectors, including onshore natural gas Exploration and Production (E&P), Midstream Gas Processing, Treating, NGL Fractionation, and the Chemical Processing/Manufacturing industry. 

Throughout his career, Carter has distinguished himself by overseeing regulatory compliance and internal programs that encompass Environmental/Greenhouse Gas (GHG) initiatives, Occupational Health & Safety measures, Process Safety, and Pipeline Integrity Management. His expertise is further underscored by his status as an AIChE – CCPS Certified Process Safety Professional (CCPSC).  

“We are pleased to have Wesley join our Industry Advisory Board where he will bring not only his natural gas processing expertise, but especially his focus on environmental and GHG matters,“ Kalb said.   

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