Alpha Delta Chi Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta at Lamar University wins Chapter of the Year award

The Alpha Delta Chi Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) at Lamar University has been recognized as the "Chapter of the Year" by the National Communication Association (NCA). LU Comm Dept

Communications instructor Andre Favors, who nominated the chapter, highlighted the achievements of its students in the field of communication.

“Over the past year, we have just had really great people, and Andre was very aware of some of the things that they were doing this time that were high profile,” Interim Chair of the Department of Communication Dr. Nicki Michalski said.

Lambda Pi Eta is the official honor society for communication programs at four-year colleges and universities. With over 500 active chapters across four-year institutions nationwide, the Chapter of the Year award is presented to the chapter that best embodies the organization's mission and goals.

“The award says more about our students who make up our chapter than it does the chapter as a whole,” Michalski said. “The purpose of the organization is to increase the profile of communication and to facilitate interaction between faculty and communication students and professionals. That is what these stellar students are doing.”

Standout performances included the last year’s president and vice president, Mattie Hamilton and Alexis Miller.

“Mattie did a research presentation and submitted it to the Olympic panel at the National Communication Association convention,” Michalski said. “She won the top paper, and when she won that award, not only did she get money, but she also was put into contact with the individual who endowed that award, and he was big recruiting her to go to the University of Arkansas.” 

In addition to Hamilton's achievements, the chapter's Vice President, Alexis Miller, also had a remarkable year, showcasing the excellence that defines Alpha Delta Chi chapter. 

“Alexis was one of the people selected to represent Lamar University on The College Tour, so she did that and just had a killer year,” Michalski said.

Miller, who graduated in May 2023, also served as the Social Media Coordinator for the Department of Communication and Media and was active in LUTV.  

The Department of Communication & Media’s faculty also plays an active role in supporting and mentoring its students, pushing them to submit research and complete a body of work before they graduate.

“Our faculty just loves our students and loves giving them the little push, so we are very active in the Office of Undergraduate Research, where I'm a board member. Andre is our departmental liaison,” Michalski said. “Dr. Sheila Springer has had students who have gone and presented every year that she got here, and she really just dove in with both feet into that.”

Faculty is also quick to identify and encourage students to reach new heights in their field.

“When we see them doing things that impress us, we encourage them to think about going to a conference or think about sending this to that, or to apply to opportunities where we think they can find success,” Michalski said. “We have had many great students before and now more than ever, our students are exemplifying the goals of the National Communication Association.” 

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