Lamar University alumnus Dylan Newton transforms into renowned cyberpunk photographer

Dylan Newton, a Lamar University alumnus and renowned cyberpunk photographer, is captivating audiences worldwide with his futuristic and surreal imagery.Dylan Newton Photography

Newton's journey into the world of cyberpunk photography began with a moment of frustration, watching the film "Ghost in the Shell.” 

"The journey began with sheer frustration. While watching 'Ghost in the Shell,' I felt an overwhelming desire to capture the world I saw on screen. However, I lacked the skills and resources to bring that vision to life," Newton said.

Newton was further inspired by watching other cyberpunk films in Dr. Amy Smith’s – associate professor of English – ethics course while attending LU where he decided he would make photography his career.

Further inspired by photographers like Johnathan Nguyen, Brandon Woelful, and Hiroto Ikeuchi, Newton began experimenting with filters, mirrors, and vibrant neon lights, incorporating glitch effects, and even simulating circuitry within subjects' skin to transform them into cyborgs. However, he still grappled with the challenge of bridging the gap between his present-day resources and his futuristic aspirations. 

"In 2018, I purchased a broken VR headset from Goodwill and collaborated with my dad to attach a bundle of wires, each cable serving a purpose. The first time I used it in photos, I was hooked. Since then, it's been a continuous journey of pushing the boundaries and striving to create the next groundbreaking piece," Newton explained.

Newton credits the guidance and inspiration from mentors and friends he met along the way, including fellow photographers Hannah Brower and Emily Swift.

Hannah Brower, a collaborator and close friend of Newton, played a significant role in shaping his photography style. "Our shooting styles have melded so seamlessly over time. She significantly influenced my approach to conceptualizing shoots," Newton said.

Newton's dedication and networking efforts paid off, leading to his artwork being exhibited in numerous cities worldwide, including New York City, Miami, Rome, Valencia, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, and Toronto. This success underscores the importance of connections in the art world.

Dylan Newton ArtworkNewton's journey wasn't without its challenges, including a blunt response from a curator who initially rejected his work for not fitting a particular mood. Undeterred, Newton embraced the feedback and continued to refine his style, ultimately earning a coveted spot in the “CYBERPUNK VOLUME 4” exhibition in New York City in 2022. 

"This year, the same gallery invited me to ‘CYBERPUNK VOLUME 5,’ displayed in Tokyo and set to appear in Seoul, South Korea. Since my first conversation with the curator, I've applied my mentor's knowledge and maintained the same determination," Newton said.

Dylan Newton's transformation from a frustrated observer of cyberpunk aesthetics to a celebrated cyberpunk photographer serves as a testament to the power of determination, inspiration, and the importance of connections in the world of art. His captivating imagery continues to draw global recognition and admiration.