Asian Business Student Association bridges cultural gap

In May of 2022, the Asian Business Student Association (ABSA), an organization committed to enriching the academic, cultural, and professional landscape for business students, took form and has continued to impact LU’s College of Business. ABSA Students

ABSA's inception was marked by the realization that the college experience lacked significant Asian cultural events and recognition within the College of Business. Determined to bridge this gap, co-founders Dion Tran and Krystal Le embarked on their journey to establish an association that would not only introduce Asian cultural events but also foster networking opportunities and professional skill development among students.  

ASBA’s missions is to equip students with essential skills for career success, such as leadership, networking, community service and professional development, while promoting Asian culture and multicultural awareness. 

"We noticed the lack of significant Asian-influenced cultural events and recognition within the College of Business at Lamar University”, Tran said. “ABSA was born out of the desire to introduce these cultural events to our fellow students while helping them build valuable skills for their careers." 

ABSA's inclusivity extends beyond ethnicity and major. Students need not be of Asian descent or majoring in business to join. ABSA embraces diversity, equity and inclusion, aiming to unite individuals with shared goals and values. 

“We aim to create a culture of like-minded individuals who share a common goal. 

ABSA Student Group

ABSA is a place where anyone willing to participate in promoting Asian culture is welcome,” ASBA President Krystal Le said.  

ABSA organizes an array of events throughout the year, including the Water Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year Celebration, Asian Night Market, and Diwali. The organization also conducts resume critique workshops and invites alumni speakers to help students build their soft skills and effective networking skills. 

Looking ahead, ABSA aims to establish a strong alumni chapter, creating a network that will contribute to both its growth on campus and its outreach within the Asian-American business community. 

Students interested in joining ABSA or seeking further information about the organization can connect via social media, LUHub, GroupMe, or access the ABSA website at this link: 

Photos provided by Josh Wilson