Lamar University’s Embry Robles drives innovation in Wendy's restaurant construction

An architectural marvel is taking shape in the heart of Beaumont, and Lamar University’s Embry Robles, a construction management student, stands at the forefront of this groundbreaking project, bringing a unique Wendy's restaurant prototype to life.Wendy's Location Photo

The Wendy's restaurant initiative embodies pioneering a "next gen" design that combines concept and aesthetics. Conceived by Team HAZA foods, owner of the Wendy's franchise, the venture aims to combine imaginative design with cutting-edge construction techniques.

Robles is at the helm on the initiative, serving as the site superintendent. His role is to orchestrate all aspects of the project by working with architects, designers, laborers, and engineers.

Robles’ insights contribute to shaping a space that is not only visually striking but also functionally efficient, ensuring longevity and enhanced efficiency for restaurant employees.

As the grand opening approaches, the restaurant aims to revolutionize Beaumont's dining scene. Its objective is to cultivate an atmosphere that caters to kitchen staff and customers, delivering efficiency that aligns with the concept of "next gen speed."

Robles’ journey hasn't been without challenges. The uniqueness of the project exposed many design flaws – a commonplace in prototype ventures – for Robles to tackle. His adept navigation of these hurdles underscores the fusion of creativity and practicality in construction management.

"A mentor of mine simply said 'no dirty work, never cheat,' and I carry those words with me onto the job site every day and take pride in my work,” Robles said.

As Robles and his team ardently work towards manifesting the innovative design, the anticipation in Beaumont is palpable for the dawn of a new era in fast-food dining.