Dr. Kenneth Young receives 2023 Creighton Publication Innovation Award

Dr. Kenneth Young, associate professor of educational leadership, has been named the 2023 recipient of the Theodore “Ted” Creighton Publication Innovation Award.  Dr. Kenneth Young Headshot

The International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership (ICPEL) established this award in honor of educational leader Ted Creighton and is given to recognize members whose innovative, impactful work serves the profession and ultimately the children and youth in our schools.

“When I was first notified by the president of ICPEL, I was totally surprised because as far as I was concerned, I was just doing my part as a member to help the organization be the best we could be in our service to the field,” said Young. “I also felt immense humility because I have a deep appreciation for the history of our field, professional organization, and the people who have shaped it.”

Young approaches his work as a calling to invest his life in the lives of others.

“I love and respect my students, the sacrifices they make to pursue an advanced degree, and their commitment to the education of others. I am compelled to bring my best efforts in instructional practices and feedback,” said Young.

“I believe there is a great responsibility we, as a university and program, have to the citizens of

Texas because of the reach our programs have,” said Young. “A few years ago, it was estimated that one-third of principals in Texas received their degree through Lamar University, and many of those students find their way into the doctoral program. I want to be a strong ambassador for the university, our students and to other preparation programs in Texas by investing my time in professional organizations that serve these populations.” 

Young is keenly aware of the importance of his position as his students directly impact the field of education in Texas and around the world.

“We need educational leaders who are ethical, practitioner-scholars equipped to face whatever challenges arise in our field, and I work to provide them experiences and networks that allow them to make a difference,” said Young.

“I know the man for whom the award is named, Dr. Ted Creighton, and he is a true leader in the field of educational leadership,” said Young. “My mentor, LU Professor Emeritus, Dr. Sandy Harris, is the person who introduced me to ICPEL and was a past recipient. To have my name listed or mentioned among theirs is just overwhelmingly humbling.” 

Young will be recognized for his contributions at the annual ICPEL conference this summer in Orlando, Florida.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to represent our university, college, and department on an international scale, and for the support of our administration to be a part of professional organizations committed to making a difference in education in Texas and around the world,” said Young.

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