LU's College of Education and Human Development teach digital literacy with $50,000 grant

Lamar University’s College of Education and Human Development and the AT&T Foundation brought middle and high school students together for the “Bridging the Digital Divide” summer camp, held in July.

The camp was free for all attendees thanks to the AT&T Foundation who gave LU a $50,000 grant for the camp.Students Attending Bridging Digital Divide Camp

The goal of the camp was to see students become more proficient in digital software, learn marketable skills that will enhance their future potential in and out of the classroom, and use digital technology with an awareness of personal safety.

“LU and AT&T Foundation are investing in the leaders of tomorrow by sponsoring camps like these for students to access important digital skills they might not learn until much later,” Marketing and Success Coordinator Jayna Lacy said. “They want to ensure that they are prepared with the skills they need to succeed and help them reach their potential.”

Students were provided a safe space to discuss the impact of social media emphasizing on safety, cyberbullying, and implications for future opportunities based upon social media usage.

In another session, students were taught how to keep their personal information safe and best practices on protecting their data.

“It is extremely valuable and important for people of any age to understand privacy and safety when being online,” Lacy said. “They need to understand the implications of every post, like, and share on social media and the consequence of every piece of information they share.” 

Attendees also received hands-on training in programs like Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel.

“It is very beneficial for students without access to these types of programs and receive hands-on learning,” Lacy said. “We hope that by seeing these programs in this setting, the students will feel more comfortable navigating them in their classes.”

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