Dr. Sprott presented Outstanding Advisor of the Year award

Dr. Katherine Sprott, advisor of the Lamar Student Educators Association (LSEA) and Associate Professor of Teacher Education, received Advisor of the Year award during the Toast to Leadership award ceremony on April 13.

Dr. Sprott wins Outstanding Advisor of the Year Award

The Outstanding Advisor of the Year award is given to an advisor who has shown outstanding dedication,service, and support to their organization and its members.       

“I felt surprised and honored upon receiving this award because students are the most significant clients at Lamar University,” Sprott said. “My goal is to mentor and empower students as productive members of the LU community and members of society at large. Students from multiple disciplines enter the Teacher Education Program with varied experiences, all in need of guidance with intense sustained periods of learning to teach in a context of practice. I’m willing and excited to assist in the process and beyond the university experience.”

The LSEA student organization provides professional development and offers a social outlet to all those interested in the education profession.

“As a professional educator, every student can encounter professional experiences while studying to become an educator designed to gain real-world expertise to enhance the knowledge acquired in the classroom,” Sprott said. “LSEA helps students transition from students to professional educators and provides various skills and benefits by being involved in the organization. My role is to guide students and support this process.”

To learn more about the LSEA or the Department of Teacher Education, visit https://www.lamar.edu/education/teacher-education/index.html.