Nutrition-Dietetics grad lands Internship at UTMB-Galveston

Recent Nutrition, Hospitality & Human Services Dept. graduate, Emily Glover, looks forward to embarking on this next chapter in her journey to being a licensed dietician. The Orange, Texas native was recently accepted into The University of Texas Medical Branch’s School of Health Professions MS Dietetics Internship and will begin her dietetic internship in Galveston, Texas in late August. Emily

“I could go on forever about the amount of excitement I have towards this internship program,” said Glover. “This will be my first time moving away from home which I realize will come with so many challenges, but the eagerness I feel to experience those challenges is immense. I am looking forward to my overall growth as an individual, not only academically, but personally too.”

According to the UTMB Health website, “The UTMB Combined Master of Science Degree with Dietetic Internship (MS/DI) provides students with 1,240 hours of supervised practice experience in clinical, community, extended care, research, and food service management settings. Students enroll in hybrid didactic as well as dietetic internship supervised practice courses all four semesters of the program- beginning in the fall and concluding the following December. The didactic courses meet in-person on Mondays on campus with supplemental online instruction/learning while supervised practice is undertaken Tuesday through Friday at various locations throughout the Galveston/Houston metropolitan area.”

Glover looks forward to the opportunities that will arise from being accepted into this program. “I can’t wait to meet the other interns and create bonds that will hopefully last well into my future,” said the recent grad. “Being exposed to a wide variety of settings during my rotations is also thrilling to think about. I don’t know exactly what area of expertise I want to specialize in or work within as a registered dietitian, so I am looking forward to discovering that throughout my internship experience.”

Although Glover attributes her success of gaining acceptance into her internship to every instructor and faculty member she had the honor of learning from at Lamar University, she specifically wants to thank instructor Mrs. Kristina May, M.S., RDN, LD and Ms. Marie Panchot, Student Success Liaison & Academic Coordinator for the Department of Nutrition, Hospitality & Human Services who both provided an enormous amount of support and guidance.

The former Lamar University graduate shares words of wisdom to current students: “The moments where you feel like giving up are the times when you’re evolving, learning, and forming deeper realizations. Those moments are crucial to success. Treasure those hard times because eventually they will come back to reward you in ways you’d least expect. Everything that seems impossible to you now will assuredly appear obtainable once they’re behind you.”


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