Lamar University professor presents research on PTSD

Dr. Mohamad Hamza, professor of clinical mental health counseling, recently presented on the “Rise of human devastation syndrome in Syria” for the Academy of Medical Psychology. dr-mohamad-hamza

The AMP is a professional organization that represents those interested or trained in medical psychology. Founded in 1998, the organization provides several membership services including: continuing education, mentoring, professional discourse, research and advocacy for the practice of medical psychology.

Hamza, who also is a forensic neuropsychologist, focused his research on the comparison between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and HDS. His presentation zeroed in on HDS including psychiatric and neuropsychiatric symptoms of the illness. Attendees were able to get an in-depth neuropsychological reflection and understanding of victims’ severe trauma.

“I came up with the term ‘human devastation’ because it’s beyond what we know in the psychiatric world,” Hamza said in a recent interview with SkyNews. “There is no other way to describe the magnitude and the impact of the devastation that those in Syria face.”