LU alum named Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach at Mississippi State

Lamar University alum Kevin Barbay ’05, was recently named the new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Mississippi State University in Starkville, Mississippi, on Jan. 12.

Born and raised in Nederland, Texas, Barbay grew up in a coaching family.

“Sports has always been an important part of my life,” said Barbay. “My true passion in coaching came from seeing how you are able to positively affect others’ lives through sports.”

Football has always run deep through Barbay’s blood.

“I always knew I wanted to coach,” Barbay said. “Working the sidelines at Newton High School for my uncle Curtis Barbay Jr. really impacted my decision at an early age to become a football coach. Credit to my parents, Bill and Connie Barbay, for bringing me to sporting events all over the place basically every day of my life.”

Once his playing career was finished, Barbay wanted to come home to Southeast Texas. kevin Barbay

“With the amount of connections to coaches in the area, I knew a great majority of them went to LU and I could reach my goals from right here at home,” he said. “The coaching and education world at all levels is about relationships and networking with your peers, and Lamar University has an outstanding reputation of developing great educators and coaching is teaching.”

Before he graduated in 2005 with his B.S. in exercise science, Barbay made the most out of his time at Lamar University. 

“My experience at LU was fantastic,” said Barbay. “During my time at LU, the university did not have a football team, so I was very excited when they decided to bring it back. I really think it adds to the overall college experience.”

There were many who made an impact on Barbay during his college years at Lamar University. “I was fortunate to learn from the legendary John Payton in most of my coaching classes,” he said. “Also, Dr. Daniel Chilek and Dr. Doug Boatwright both play a large role in my educational experience at LU.”

Toward the end of Barbay’s time at Lamar University, he participated in an internship at Baylor University in the Strength and Conditioning Department and decided to pursue his master’s degree at BU following his internship.

“Lamar University has been a great asset in developing many Southeast Texans and will continue to progress forward with the current leadership of President Dr. Jaime Taylor and Athletics Director Jeff O’Malley,” said Barbay. “The education department at LU is second to none across the country and deserves all the recognition it gains.”

When asked what advice he would give to current students seeking a similar career, Barbay gave these words of wisdom: “There is such a broad spectrum of what you can do with an exercise science degree that you should never close a door to any path it might bring you down, whether it be coaching, training or teaching.”

“We all play to win,” he said, “but ultimately the way you impact the world is with the lessons and habits that get passed between coaches and players.”

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