Dishman Art Museum student volunteer embraces opportunity, designs new engagement program

The Dishman Art Museum on the campus of Lamar University is home to incredible works of art from former LU students and members of the Southeast Texas art community. As it spends 2023 celebrating its 40-year anniversary, a current student has taken the initiative to create a new program to promote the museum and its showcase of artwork to increase engagement.

Kyra Hall, a Southeast Texas native, is a studio art major in the Department of Art & Design who spends one day a week volunteering her time at the Dishman Art Museum. What started as a desire to simply gain volunteer hours has turned into a number of new skills learned and opportunity given.

“I told Brandi that I am here to do whatever you need me to do,” said Hall. “Now, I come at least once a week and help to rearrange the artwork in storage, help with art installations and with taking it down.”

Hall also assists with social media postings, ideas and outreach for the museum. Because of this, Hall found an interest in trying to find ways to attract more visitors.

kyra-hall-2023.jpg“Since I’ve been doing social media and focusing on engagement, I think about ‘what can we do to get people through the door?,’” she said. “It’s something that makes you think about the other side of the industry.”

In order to attract more people through the doors of the Dishman Art Museum, Hall has taken her interest in engagement and has designed a new engagement program that will run through the entire year. The program revolves around a small passport-like booklet and selfies.

“If you take a selfie with any of the public art located on campus or attend an art event, you can come in and get a stamp,” she said. “If you get 15 stamps by the end of the year, you will receive a 40-year anniversary poster from the Dishman Art Museum.”

The engagement program is currently running and will last until Dec. 1.

For the Dishman Art Museum, Hall’s commitment to volunteering and taking the steps to draw in visitors is exactly what they are looking for in a student.

“Kyra is a great example of what we look for in a volunteer or intern,” said Brandi Hamilton, senior program coordinator for the Dishman Art Museum. “She brings her motivation, perspective and initiative to the Dishman Art Museum. Having a current student serve as a liaison between the museum and student body is really invaluable.”

Hall, who is preparing to graduate in May, said she found gratitude in the opportunity that the Dishman Art Museum has provided her. Learning to organize artwork, installing artwork, handling outreach on social media, observing tours and designing engagement programs are the many things Hall has learned through volunteering, and she intends to use it in her career after graduating.

To learn more about the Dishman Art Museum, the engagement program or the volunteer and internship opportunities, visit or visit the museum on campus.