Black History Month Spotlight: Victoria Adelagun


In honor of Black History Month, Lamar University will celebrate with a series of events organized and sponsored by a variety of organizations, departments, clubs and student organizations that highlight and pay tribute to the achievements of African Americans and important events that contributed to U.S. history.

In addition to university events, LU also chose to celebrate Black excellence by spotlighting several Black LU students, faculty and staff and the many reasons why they feel this month is important and more

This Black History Month, junior psychology major Victoria Adelagun shares why Black History Month is important to her.

First/last name: Victoria Adelagun

Major/Classification: Psychology, Junior

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York 

Why does it feel important to celebrate Black History Month?
It Is important to celebrate Black History Month because without Black History, there is no American history. It is also important to not only highlight the struggles that Black people have faced over the years and continue to endure; but it is also important to highlight the progress and achievements we have made as a community and the ones to come. It is important to know that Black History did not start in America.

What motivates you to be successful?
What motivates me to be successful is proving the people that doubted me or the people that walked out of my life when I needed them the most wrong. Another thing that motivates me: as the first born in a Nigerian household and a first-generation student, it is important that I set the perfect example for my siblings that they can achieve anything they put their mind to regardless of any obstacle.  

How does Black history influence you as a student or within your personal life?
This quote: “When I start to doubt myself, I can point to examples of black excellence and see what possible” –– Amara from All American. Black history influences me as a student to recognize that even with multiple limitations I can still overcome. 

What advice do you have for the generations of Black students coming after you?
“Do not Be afraid to create your own safe space”–– Victoria Adelagun, founder of the Lamar University Nigerian Student Association.

Did you learn anything new about history in the Black community this year? (This could be personal or broader in a historical sense)
Something that recently came to my attention is the Black maternal mortality rates compared to the non-Black counterparts and how we need to do better when advocating for our Black mothers.