What your favorite holiday dishes say about you

When the holiday season rolls around, we all start dreaming of the long-awaited Thanksgiving dinner. Visions of turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing and pies dance in your head. There is something for everyone at the table, whether you are a picky eater or not. Come on, who doesn't love mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese with dinner rolls?
According to our Culinary Arts Department within the Lamar University College of Education and Human Development, here’s what some of your favorite holiday meals say about you:
i. photo cred: epicurious.com
photo cred: epicurious.com


You are the type who likes your holidays traditional and always say that no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without a turkey in the middle of your dining room table. You have most likely waited all year for the turkey aroma to fill the house. You might leave enough for everyone else to try, but this is your main event! You also don't start listening to Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving and hate when people rush decorating.

Cranberry Sauce

People might think you're a weirdo for loving this little topping, and others will say you can't eat your turkey and ham without it! You are the oddball of the family who wants a little extra something out of life. You are a sweet and savory type of person and likes to find the balance of things. You sometimes insert yourself in conversation. Some might even consider you small, but mighty!
i. photo cred: thepioneerwoman.com
photo cred: thepioneerwoman.com

photo cred: realsimple.com
photo cred: realsimple.com


You are a true classic. Everyone loves you and you always know how to spice up a party! You prefer the simple things in life. You are very sweet but also can be sassy when needed. You get the PSL the day it comes out on the Starbucks menu and claim that you are "not basic," even though you just went to TJMaxx and bought that embroidered "Hello, pumpkin" pillow. No judgement here!

Green Bean Casserole

People either love you or they can't stand you … there is no in between. You are an acquired taste and can either be the life of the party around people you are comfortable with or are more reserved in new social settings. Either way, you are interesting and your circle always wants you around. You might not be everyone's cup of tea, but those who love you really love you! At times, this dish can be more sought after than the turkey itself!
photo cred: mccormick.com
photo cred: mccormick.com

photo cred: makeitgrateful.com
photo cred: makeitgrateful.com

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

You are everyone's favorite person, hands down. No one can resist your charm and cuddliness. Everyone always wants a piece of you. You are that family member that everyone can't wait to see at Thanksgiving, and people always want to sit by you at the table. You are tried and true. You can be open and to-the-point, but you have a softness about you. People consider you a constant in their lives.