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Lamar University is gearing up to host Cardinal View on Nov. 12. This week on the LU Moment, LU Crew members Josh and Allaina share all the details on the university's largest open house event of the season.

Shelbe Rodriguez 0:00

Welcome to the LU moment where we showcase all the great events, activities, programs and people right here at Lamar University. I'm Shelby Rodriguez, Public Affairs Manager here at o u and I want to thank you guys for tuning in to this week's episode of the LU moment. Welcome back to the show. Listen, guys here at the nest we are gearing up for you guessed it, you know what I've talked about this event for weeks. It's finally here, Cardinal view. It's our largest open house event of the season. And so joining me today is Elena and Josh. These two are LU crew members, and they're going to give us all the deets on what our perspective Cards can expect for Cardinal view. Thank you both for joining me on the Leu moment this week. Thank you for having us. Absolutely. Thank you. All right. So um, you know what, whenever I have a student on the show, you might not know this, but whenever I have a student on the show, I always ask you guys, why Lamar University? Why? Because I'm curious. I'm nosy. I have to know why did you choose Lamar University? Allaina, we'll start with you.

Allaina 0:59
Oh, yes. So I'm from Houston. And I was just looking at schools and I wanted to be an engineer and also wanted to dance still. And the warriors were I feel like I fit in the most. And I got a lot of scholarship opportunities. The campus is not too big, but it's also not too small. And I just have grown so much at this university. So that's, you know, Lamar is where I just chose to go to school.

Shelbe Rodriguez 1:22
Yeah, you've had quite an adventure here. You're a senior now. But I know, I feel like I've watched you from afar through dancing. And now you're on our social media pages. And so you've been everywhere. How has it been?

Allaina 1:35
Um, it's been fun. Like I was first like, just as a freshman, you know, all I cared about was dance in school. But now that I've gotten the job I love doing like the marketing things. I love planning events, the backside of the events, you never know, like, how much goes into Cardinal view to daily campus towards so I think I've just grown so much. And I'm thankful that Lamar has helped me with that. So I can't wait to bring it into my next journey, which is after graduating. Yeah.

Shelbe Rodriguez 2:03
What about you, Josh? Why did you choose the nest?

Josh 2:06
Well, I think I chose a model one because of how convenient. Li close it is. I'm from poor natures. So I didn't grow up far from here. And the two I had a lot of scholarship money here and a lot of scholarship opportunities. And so it just made sense to go here. It's what I know. It's where I grew up. All my friends went here from high school, and I even made new friends. And so I just felt like it was the best opportunity. Opportunity for me. So that's kind of why I chose it. I loved it here. And I still you know, I'm playing on even getting my masters here, hopefully. So. Absolutely.

Shelbe Rodriguez 2:42
Oh, we love that. Once you come we want to keep you here. We want you to stick around for a little bit. So I love that getting your masters. How exciting. So all right. Oh, LU crew. I know what the LU crew is. But Allaina, why don't you break down for our audience members who may not know you both are LU crew members, who are the LU crew. So we are kind of the front door to Lamar University, we are the ones that are coming, the first interaction with the students trying to be like, Hey, this is where we want you to come into school. And, you know, we just that welcome film, feeling from Lamar University. We do daily campus tours, group tours. So that will be either with the high school, some high school counselors, we what else do we do we do Cardinal view, we do Cardinal Saturday, which is Saturday tours, just everything you could think of anything trying to get recruitment from till Lamar University. So we're just kind of like that from person that's like, Hey, we're here to help. And we also answered the university phone line. So anytime you call that 888, like that last four digit number that is Lamar, we're gonna people to answer the phones and, and we also do mail too. And it's always fun in our work environment is never like, Oh, you have to do this. This is really a great environment to work in. So yeah, that's where we are just that front door for Lamar University.

Josh 4:02
Well, I think Allaina has said it best. I mean, we pretty much do almost everything, I guess you could say because I mean, we do anything from admissions to marketing to help in with, you know, potential new student events like Cardinal view, you know, like Allaina said, at best, we're the front door to campus and we do just about everything.

Shelbe Rodriguez 4:23
Perfect. And speaking of Cardinal view, Josh, what can our prospective cards and their parents expect this go around for Cardinal view?

Josh 4:32
Absolutely. Of course. So if like, like you said, it is our open house of visit. And with Cardinal view, you will get to see campus life. You'll get to eat a D hall or you know, dine on or other campus restaurants. There will be a resource for student org fairs, academic showcase guided residence hall tours and also got a campus tour. So it's pretty much going to give you. The full campus experience in one day is the best way to put it.

Shelbe Rodriguez 5:05
Oh, it's like fast tracking, you know, picture yourself here to tell you it's like a fast track to like, okay, oh, I'm here now on campus, I'm kind of getting like a demo, right?

Josh 5:14
That's, that's a good way to put it. It's a demo, it's gonna give you an idea of what it's like to be a student here at Lamar University.

Shelbe Rodriguez 5:24
What I love the most is that Cardinal view is kind of spearheaded by students, right? It's kind of spearheaded by students. It's for students by students. And we got the LU you crew in the building, right leading y'all. You guys are the front door and Allaina said it leading our future cards into showing them what it's like what it's like here at Lamar University. But let's get into let's back up a little bit. Take us back to your experience going into Cardinal view, you know, when you first stepped on campus, what was that like for you,Allaina?

Allaina 5:55
Um, yes. So it was a good event. I mean, I got to see all the different colleges that Lamar offers, like the academic resources, like what like their star tutoring, there's a career in testing center, there's the police department, there's so much that it's deeper than just the school. What else it was just got to see campus, you know, got to see actual student organizations and talk to them and ask them like, like what I'm doing now, like, Hey, how was it? How's it like on campus and you get, you know, like real life feedback, you know, so it's just a great event, you know, even if you're not sure where you want to go to college is definitely a great door opener, it'd be like for juniors and seniors in college, even like freshmen just to kind of get, you know, what it's like to be on a campus.

Josh 6:40
So Well, for me. My experience was like this, it was just kind of an eye opening experience to what college is like, and, you know, he kind of gave me an, you know, an inside view of what the differences are between high school and college. And then also just what is a culture? Like, what are what different words do they have? What do students have to say about Lamar? And then of course, I heard nothing but great things. And it provided me with just an opportunity to see what campus is actually like, and that's exactly what I got for it. Alright, so I want to get into what are some of your favorite spots here on campus? J

Shelbe Rodriguez 7:19
osh, why don't you tell us some of your favorite spots, just for our future cards, because they're gonna be coming in, they're gonna be touring campus, and they will learn to love their future home, right? But tell us you've been here for a while. Tell us what's some of your favorite spots at the nest. I think for me, my favorite spots.

Josh 7:36
Some of my favorite study spots included the sea ice building, if you can get into the STEM building, because it's always packed. But the stem voting is great, or science and technology rather. I love the set. I love going in there and just talking with friends talking with different people I know. And then also studying there is fun too, but I would recommend studying on the second floor, not the first floor. But well, the first four tends to be a little bit more loud, it tends to be more social. That's where everybody's talking and mingling in between classes or after classes. And then on the second floor, it's very much more plied up there. So it's a better study for my opinion.

Shelbe Rodriguez 8:16
What about you, Elena, what are some of your favorite spots on campus?

Allaina 8:20
Yeah, mine would probably have to be the center center. I love the center tonight. I love Chick fil A so like all my dining dollars that I got was particularly I love the library too. I'm like a library person, my mom like made me go to the library when I was younger. So in large libraries, eight floors, and each floor is different. So I love going study in the library also there's Starbucks in there too. So it's like a great little like go get Starbucks and then you can go study. So it's kind of like a treated like a reward for me. But definitely the library the set the Rec Center too. I like to work out too. And like I say when I was dancing, I was always over there too. So those are probably like my three favorites up favorite spots and of course the Welcome Center. It's one of my favorite buildings because it's one of the newest and it's our home basically.

Shelbe Rodriguez 9:06
So yeah, forget about the Welcome Center right newest building on campus is beautiful. All right, love it and it has the best light like for selfies and stuff. Has the best selfie lighting. What about resources on campus? What has been some of your favorite resources to use on campus?

Josh 9:26
I think for me, one of my favorite resources was definitely the student tutoring retention services or stars I didn't tell you success my freshman year and it provided me with a lot of different tools and just kind of different you know, I guess techniques and methods to studying and different things like that. So it kind of just helped me become more organized and give me a better idea of how to be successful in school so I definitely say stars.

Allaina 9:52
Yeah, mine would be STARS two stars tutoring as engineer major. If I had a lot of math that was kind of confusing to me and

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Physics and so definitely them and also the current testing center. I've seen my resume over there like about two to three times just you know, to get it proof read or anytime I added something, Hey, what are words that maybe make me stand out from someone else, you know, so and they also do like mock interviews, you know, help you find jobs. So as for every major, really, or anybody that's on campus that needs help with finding a job or looking for their future job.

Shelbe Rodriguez 10:26
I agree our Center for Career and Professional Development, they're really good about getting our cards, career ready, you know, outside of the classroom, which is something I professors do as well on faculty, but they get our students Career Ready, those mock interviews, those career fairs here on campus, reviewing your resume. And then they also have something called JC Penney suit up where our students get a percentage off of professional attire at JC Penney. So, all of the things we are ready for our future cards to come on down and enjoy Cardinal View. There's so much to experience here on campus. And so, um, what has been some of you all's favorite campus events because it's not just about the academic side, right? It's about the fun too, right? Gotta have a little fun. Gotta have some campus life. What has been some of your favorite campus events or organizations? Give us all the deets, Allaina.

Allaina 11:17
Um, yes. So I'm also involved in NESBY. So that's the National Society of Black Engineers. And we have done like, we've had students. But all it's a night where like, all the student organizations come together, whether it be Greek life, or professional organization, or just a club, and you're able to go and look around into different organization, that's one of my favorite nights over here. I've also really enjoyed football games and basketball games, because I've cheered at them, but also like just sitting in the stands and watching them that's like, you know, part of your college experience. So just games and going to different student organizations. Homecoming Week, the CAB activity boards puts on a lot of events for the students. So that's one of my favorite things as well. So that's probably one of my those are probably like my main things, that extracurricular activity on campus.

Josh 12:07
Any then for me, I think, for me, my favorite events have always been, you know, the sporting events like football, basketball, baseball, Homecoming, tailgate was fun. I'm a former member of Alpha Tau omega, which is fraternity here on campus. And I had a great time with those guys just being able to get involved on campus, get involved in philanthropy and different things like that. And that was presented me with some awesome opportunities and great networking opportunities as well. So.

Shelbe Rodriguez 12:37
I love that I love the buzzwords that you all use opportunities, preparation, Career Ready, organization, all the things, all the fun things that our future cards can expect. And so are you all looking forward to Cardinal View this Saturday?

Allaina 12:53
We will be there.

Shelbe Rodriguez 12:55
And what are the times again, remind our audience what's the time for Cardinal View? It's November 12. What's the time's?

Josh 13:01
It's gonna be from 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

Shelbe Rodriguez 13:05
All right, can they still register?

Josh 13:07
Absolutely. You can register today or walk in day of or you can go to view.

Shelbe Rodriguez 13:16
All right., forward slash Cardinal View or forward slash visit. Go ahead and reserve your spot Cardamone view we want to see you there in your karma read. Let's go. Allaina. Josh, thank you both for joining me on the LU moment this week and I'll see you on card on Saturday. Absolutely. Thank you for having us. All right, guys. We have just enough time I gotta give you one more update. Coming up. Here's an event. I want you to put it back on your radar. It is Cardinal Lights. It's our reimagined holiday tradition. That's coming back to campus for the second year in a row. I think the last time we had it was in 2012. But we are bringing it back for the second time it's back and better than ever, baby so you better be ready. ExxonMobil is our headlining sponsor. So Lamar University and ExxonMobil presents Cardinal lights that's on December 1 Kicking off at 5:45 right at the Reaud Honors Building. We are going to have Christmas lights or dorms on campus on Jim Gilligan way Rob Christopher drive and Jimmy Simmons Boulevard. We'll also have Christmas lights over at Spindletop Museum: City in Lights at Boomtown. So come on out, bring the entire family out we'll also have a basketball game my first basketball game of the season kicking off that night so make sure you're there. Again get your Cardinal red on and come on out. It's gonna be a fun time and it's free and open to the public. So I can't wait to see you there. Alright guys, if you're just tuning in or couldn't stick around for the entire interview, don't you worry. I got you covered. Just search LU Moment right there on Spotify or here comes the famous line. Wherever you get your podcast. As always be sure to follow us on social media. You already know their user name, but in case you don't. Here's the hint it's Lamar University. This is Shelbe Rodriguez, Public Affairs manager here at LU, the pride of Southeast Texas and I'll talk to you guys next time

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