LU business student launches student organization aimed at entrepreneurs

While most may view students at Lamar University as future educators, engineers, scientists, politicians and beyond, Caleb Buse looks around and sees one thing –– future entrepreneurs.

With the goal of being an entrepreneur himself, the sophomore finance and business management major said he was determined to create a space for future entrepreneurs and business leaders on campus. Now, the Silsbee native is the brainchild, and president, behind the new LU student organization Future Entrepreneurs Organization, chartered in early November. Future Entrepreneurs Organization logo

“This organization is not just for business majors, but I also wanted to target biology, accounting, pre-med –– all types of majors,” said Buse. “With our members, we’re looking for individuals who have ideas, dreams or passion and they want to take that idea and build it into a business and beyond. Even more so, just someone who wants to contribute to society.”

With the start of the organization, Buse said he has just two goals: to attend networking events with successful entrepreneurs and connect Lamar University students with entrepreneurs who have successfully started their own businesses.

“I’m hoping that our members gain the knowledge and experience of how to start their own business one day,” Buse said. “There are several business leaders that have achieved what we are trying to do within this organization and I’m hoping that those business leaders can save us from making the same mistakes that they did in their process of developing their business.”

While the organization is just getting started, Buse said he’s already looking toward the future with events and keynote speakers.

“I’m ready to get our members connected to business leaders across Texas and I’m excited to take this organization from the ground up,” he said. “If there’s someone out there that has an idea, I want to encourage them to take chances, take risks and just go for it like I did.”