LUTV doc makes waves at national film festivals

"They Will Talk About Us: The Charlton-Pollard Story"

“They Will Talk About Us: The Charlton-Pollard Story” — a documentary created by Lamar University Television Productions in the College of Fine Arts and Communication — is vying for awards at several upcoming film festivals.

The 32-minute documentary has been accepted to the Prison City Film Festival, the Orlando International film Festival, the San Antonio International Black Film Festival and the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Atlanta.

According to LUTV Studio Operations Manager Gordon Williams, film festivals give filmmakers a chance to display their work. Festivals are managed or conducted differently, the number of screenings for a project may vary depending on the event. At most festivals, a panel of judges select the films that are accepted to the festival.

Awards may be given to projects that are chosen for the festival. Along with the judges’ selections, some festivals also give the patrons the chance to participate by electing a project with the “Audience Award.” 

The documentary was previously nominated for The C.O. Award for “Best in Documentary Short Film” and the following categories for “Cinematography,” “Editing,” “Sound” and “Writing” at the Prison City Film Festival in Huntsville, Texas in February, the studio operations manager explained.

Its next stop is the San Antonio Black Film Festival on Thursday, Oct. 6 as a part of Screen Block 6 — “Familiar Places of Home.” "They Will Talk About Us: The Charlton-Pollard Story"

“The cast and crew of this production is always excited when festivals or screening opportunities happen because it is a chance to share their skills, talent and creativity with new audiences,” Williams said.

“They Will Talk About Us: The Charlton-Pollard Story” chronicles the people and legacy of the Charlton-Pollard neighborhood by interviewing former residents of the neighborhood, members of the community and local historian Judith Lindsey of the Center for History and Culture of Southeast Texas and the Upper Gulf Coast.

“The project allowed the Charlton-Pollard neighborhood history to be shared with a larger audience and gave the students that participated an opportunity to learn, create and be appreciated for their talents,” said Williams.

“They Will Talk About Us: The Charlton-Pollard Story” is scheduled to broadcast nightly at 8 p.m. on Spectrum Cable Channel 7 in Beaumont. It also can be viewed nightly at 8 p.m via the Lamar University Television Productions stream online.