Industrial technology major lands internship with Chevron

First/last name: Jordan Lewis
Home town: New Iberia, Louisiana
Major/classification: Industrial Technology/Senior

Q: What sparked your passion in industrial technology?
A: What sparked my interested in industrial technology is the fact that this major gives you the foundation to move into a management role in the industrial field. This major also is diverse so you can work in many different fields such as medical, industrial, science and business.

Q: Why Lamar University?
After graduating from Baton Rouge Community College in process technology, I chose to continue my education with Lamar University because I heard great things about the university from people that I knew from my community. I like that the university offered a program that I was interested totally online. Since the University offered the Industrial Technology program online it allows me the flexibility to earn my Jordan Lewis at Chevron plantdegree and work.

Q: How has your experience been at Lamar University?
My experience at Lamar University has been great with great staff and professors. The school always seems to be offering events to student such as the professional head shots event, which I took advantage of. I have had a great experience academically at Lamar University –– I have made the dean’s list, awarded several scholarships and on track to graduate in the spring.

Q: What clubs and organizations are you a part of?
Black Student Association, Cardinal Leaders, American Society for Industrial Technology, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, Man Up, Cardinal Energy Club, National Society of Black Engineers and Engineers without Borders.

Q: What company/organization are/will you be interning with?
I am interning with Chevron and my internship is in Midland, Texas (West Texas). 

Q: What are your job duties?
I am apart of Chevron Midland Basin gas gathering team and my Job title is field specialist intern. As a gas gathering field specialist intern some of my job duties include operating and maintaining gas compressors. The gas compressors are responsible for taking gas from the drilling wells and sending it to the compressor to be compressed and liquids are removed from the gas during that process. The gas is then sent out to sales and transported to a gas refinery for further processing. My job duties also include operating the gas compressor in a safe and effective manner. I must partner with other Chevron employees and contractors to ensure all equipment is operating at peak efficiency. I learned to operate, troubleshoot, repair and maintain all oil and gas equipment used for production. I learned how to make field specialist rounds and document and input my data from inspecting equipment. The most important part is being a team player and being able to work with a diverse group of people. 

Q: How did you go about landing this internship?
I landed my internship with Chevron by being open to change. I was opened to relocating and gaining experience in another region. First, I was always on the look out for job openings. Then, I would read the job description to make sure my qualifications aligned with what the company was looking for. I found the current position I am in on the Chevron company website. So, I applied and then a few weeks later I got invited to an interview. On the day of my interview, I was informed that if I did good on my first interview, I would be invited back for a second interview. About three days later, I was invited back for the second interview and about two weeks later I was notified that I was selected to work for Chevron as a field specialist intern.

Q: What are you most excited about with this internship?
I am excited about so many things with my internship. First, I am so excited to be working with the second largest energy company in the world. I am excited that I am learning a lot about the industry such as the process of how gas is produced and the business side of production once the gas goes to sales. With my internship I could be promoted to a trainee which means I will become a full-time employee of Chevron. I’m so excited to meet so many different people and share our training experiences with one another. At Chevron, as interns and trainees, we are learning from some skilled leaders that are very knowledgeable about the energy industry and are innovative.


Jordan Lewis working on fueld pump on site
Jordan Lewis working with fuel pumps on site.

Q: Tell us about your future goals and aspirations and how this internship can help you along your journey.
My future goal is to graduate in the spring of 2023 from the College of Engineering with a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology. I then plan to further my education by getting my master’s degree in business administration. This internship can help me along my journey by giving me experience in the energy industry. I can promote with the company and become a permanent employee of Chevron. I can grow my career within Chevron and I would like to climb the ladder in the energy field and go into management or learning and development. An aspiration that I have is to go back into the community where I grew up and mentor young children and introduce them to a career in the Industrial/energy field. I also plan to start a mentorship with my church for young men.  I really want to let the kids from my community know that they can do whatever they put their minds to and it is possible.

Q: Would you like to shoutout any professors or mentors at LU that helped you along your journey?
I appreciate every professor I have at Lamar University. They have increased my knowledge from a management standpoint in the industrial field. I would like to acknowledge a teacher I had in the Upward Bound Program at the University of Louisiana Lafayette –– Ms. Francis Shaw really showed us she had a passion for science and enjoyed teaching us. I even appreciate her work ethic; she was dedicated to helping students learn.

Q: What advice would you give to current students looking for internships at this time?
The advice I would give to current students looking for an internship is having a plan. When I say have a plan, I mean have a clear career path and vision to present to the interviewers. From my experience with interviewing with various major energy companies, they always want to know where you see yourself in the future? The company is looking for someone that knows what they want to accomplish in their career and how you will be an asset to the company. I will also say have good interview skills. Do not be afraid to practice doing interviews. During an interview always ask at least 3 good questions before the interview concludes.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?
I am a youth leader for the youth and young adult ministry at my church House of Freedom in Lafayette, Louisiana.