Student Voices: My unforgettable moments at LU


Alexis Miller, a senior Beaumont native majoring in broadcast journalism, shares her journey to Lamar University and some of her most memorable moments during her time at LU.

I wasn't always an academic scholar –– I have a story behind it and it shaped me into who I am today. While at Martin elementary school, I would tell my teachers "I'm not doing my homework." After a couple of parent/teacher conferences, I realized I had no way out and started receiving extra homework. At the young age of 10 I didn't see the benefit and impact my education could have on my life. I eventually adapted and would turn in my assignments before they were due. I followed that plan of staying ahead through the rest of grade school and it has carried me through college. My journey to college wasn't an easy one, but I'm glad it led me to LU! 

Nearing the end of my high school years I visited the Lamar University campus several times, each time I would get the feeling as if I was home. The students and staff were so welcoming to where, as an incoming freshman, I didn't feel scared lost or confused. That is when I knew LU was for me and I was at the right place.
I've had a passion for broadcasting since I was a little girl. Every night before bed, my mom would watch the news and it was a quiet house for at least those thirty minutes. I realized that I actually enjoyed watching it and didn’t feel as if I was being forced to be quiet and watch the news. I liked it so much, if she was late putting it on the news channel I would say "mom the news is on." From that moment on she and I knew, I had a passion for broadcasting.
My experience over the last few years couldn't have been any more remarkable. I've met people from around the world, caring professors and this university has presented me with opportunities I wouldn't have received anywhere else. Throughout these four years, I had many unique experiences but I'll just name a few: The Fall 2021 campaign, my social media internship for the Department of Communication and Media, serving as vice president of Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Association Honor Society. These are the moments I'll never forget; I thank everyone who has been on my journey to success. Buckle up because this is only the beginning.  
My most memorable moment is when I walked into the LUTV studio. Viewing the news, it never occurred to me how much time the anchors, reporters, producers and production crew spend together until I went there. I met lifelong friends there, we laughed, we cried and we picked one another back up. This group of people made my time at LU unforgettable and I couldn't have done it without them. 
As this chapter of my life comes to an end, another is ready to begin. After graduating, I plan to work in the communication field in news, public relations or marketing because the university as a whole had prepared me with different skillsets and knowledge. Although I'm graduating in May, I know I can always come back home!! Love My LU!