Lance Taylor: Formulating a plan for success

For as long as he could remember, Lance Taylor ’20, '21, has always followed the same formula in life: God + Hard Work = Undefeated. Now, as he settles into his new role as financial analyst at Walmart Corporate Headquarters, the accounting and finance graduate said there’s also one not-so-secret ingredient that has been pivotal to his success –– Lamar University.

“I developed close relationships with my professors, I vocalized my future goals and dreams, and they put me in positions to succeed,” he said. “It’s those communication skills, networking opportunities and resources that LU provided that have really taken me far in the professional world.”

Before landing a job with the Fortune 500 company, Taylor earned a spot in the company’s highly competitive internship program after virtually attending a student conference for members of the LU Association of Latino Professionals for America. lance-taylor-standing-in-front-of-walmart-building

“That conference was a huge networking resource for me and it’s what helped me successfully land the internship. I definitely had some memorable experiences,” he said.

Taylor recalled one memory in particular that makes him thankful for being a Cardinal.

“The last two weeks of the program were held in Arkansas at corporate headquarters and the interns had the opportunity to eat lunch with Brett Biggs, who served as the CFO at the time,” he said.

There at the table, Taylor sat in his Lamar University polo shirt when an unlikely acquaintance approached him.

“Brett Biggs walked right up to me and said, ‘Hey, I'm Brett Biggs. That’s Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, right?’ and he looked down at my polo and pointed,” Taylor said, laughing.

Through their conversation, Taylor learned that Biggs lived in Beaumont for a brief period of time while his father taught classes locally.

“From there, he shared so many stories with me and we talked for a while, though it was all happening so fast,” he said. “I couldn’t believe that the CFO of Walmart lived in Beaumont. It’s such a small world and you never know where Lamar University can take you or who you’ll meet.”

Now, a year later, with his MSA and dual degrees in accounting and finance in hand, Taylor has set his sights on giving back to students at LU.

“At Walmart Headquarters, I’m involved in the recruiting process and I’m working to bring more attention to our great candidates at LU for internships and full-time hires,” he said.

Taylor is a member of the LU Black Alumni Network and is also a founding member of the College of Business Young Professionals Board, a mentorship program launched in 2021 that aims to cultivate a network of professionals and mentor the next generation of business leaders.

“I don’t want to just give back; I want to be a resource” he said. “To contribute and serve my alma mater, and to be a part of the journey for LU students is a true honor.”