LU summer ’22 grad Landon Richard shares passion, future in HR

Summer '22 graduate Landon Richard discusses his passion for connecting with others and his experience at Lamar University before he walks the stage at commencement on Saturday.

Q: Can you tell me a little about your background?
A: I am from Beaumont, Texas. I have four older siblings who graduated from LU early in their academic careers. I have always known that I would attend LU!

Q: What is your major?
A: Human resource management with a minor in communications.

‘By receiving my degree, I am more marketable to
employers, and there is also high earning potential.’

Q: What interested you in your major?

A: I am a business-oriented person, but I enjoy connecting with people. When I was trying to find out what I wanted to major in, I remember speaking with my youngest sister, who shared with me what HR does. She told me to consider it, and after I had some time to research and think about it, I felt HR would be an excellent option. I selected my minor because I have been doing media-related work since childhood. I wanted to learn more and perfect my craft. I also knew that communications would be beneficial with a major in HR. To work with people, I must know how to efficiently and effectively communicate with people with different attitudes and perceptions.

Q: What attracted you to Lamar University?
A: My siblings shared their fantastic opportunities at LU while attending, so I knew that Lamar University would be one of the best options for me. Also, my brother and youngest sister were the head mascots at Lamar University, so I had the chance to see LU from an entirely different perspective than most people.

Q: Can you tell the audience about your first day at LU?
A: I remember that I wanted my parents to drop me off because they had dropped off my older siblings on their first day of college. I also remember trying to find out what to wear. I was told that most people do not get dressed up for the first day of school, like in high school. I wore an athletic set, but I remember feeling out of place because I have always been one to always dress up for school. I have been taught from an early age that when you feel confident in your appearance, you will perform better because it is one less thing you have to worry about. The following week, I returned to my original style and never returned to what I wore the first week of school. Landon Richard

Q: What are some of the organizations you’ve been involved in?
A: I have been involved in the following organizations: Lamar University Ambassadors, Ambassador; LU Lead, Certificate Program Participant; Student Government Association, Public Relations Committee; College of Business Student Advisory Council to the Dean, Secretary; Lamar University Society for Human Resource Management, Vice President; College of Business Student-Faculty Relations Committee, Student Advisor; Relentless LU CRU, Public Relations Chair; Public Relations Student Society of America, Member; President’s Task Force on Diversity, Inclusion, Access, and Equity; LU Lead, Certificate Program Participant; and Lamar University New Student Leadership Programs, Orientation Leader.

Q: What has been your proudest or favorite moment during your time at LU?
A: I would say having my talk show, “Connecting with Cardinals.” I had the opportunity to interview faculty, students, and staff. The purpose of the talk show was to allow others to share their experience and most memorable moments at Lamar University.

Q: What have been your biggest challenges?
A: The pandemic was a challenge for me. I remember when we transitioned to strictly online courses, I was very nervous. Before the pandemic, I always said that I wanted only to have face-to-face courses, so when I discovered that it would be a long time before that happened, I began to get concerned. However, my professors guided me during this challenging time that we were all facing.

Q: How do you think it will feel to graduate/walk the stage?
A: I believe that I will feel proud and accomplished. I am the last of the family to receive my bachelor's degree.

‘I love LU and I am truly thankful for the opportunities that I have had.’

Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: I plan on working while getting my MBA from Lamar University, so you are still stuck with me for a little longer.

Q: How do you think your degree will expand your professional opportunities?
A: By receiving my degree, I am more marketable to employers, and there is also high earning potential.

Q: How will Lamar University contribute to your future success?
A: I learned more professional and personal development skills and have also had the opportunity to make lifelong relationships.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?
A: I love LU, and I am truly thankful for the opportunities that I have had.