Stromberg appointed to Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has appointed 25 new members to the Maritime Transportation System National Advisory Committee and among them is Erik Stromberg, executive director for the LU Center for Advances in Port Management.

“This appointment is a wonderful recognition of Lamar University’s commitment to advance education in port and terminal management. I’m gratified to be selected and I look forward to representing Lamar University and academia in general to advance the practice and education of maritime management and port authorities.” Erik Stromberg, executive director for the LU Center for Advances in Port Management.

The MTSNAC is responsible for advising the Secretary, through the Maritime Administration Administrator, on ways to identify and address challenges and opportunities facing the US marine transportation system. With more than 40 years of experience in the port industry, Stromberg sits on the committee as one of two academics and the only academic representing port and terminal management.

“Our maritime industry plays a central role in our supply chains and our economic strength as a nation. These new members will help us deliver the maritime investments in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, fighting inflation and reducing delays for the American people,” Secretary Buttigieg said in a news release issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation on Friday, June 10.

The committees main focus is on improving the national marine transportation system –– U.S. flagships, labor and ports –– but according to Stromberg, the committee’s work will have an even larger impact on supply chain and freight delivery. “The commercial aspect is very important, but the marine transportation system also provides a critical strategic component that relates to our national and domestic offshore supply chain. Moving nearly 95% of the ocean’s commerce that comes in and goes out of our country, there are huge issues to be addressed when it comes to the marine transportation system and freight delivery.”

Stromberg said that the challenge and the opportunity of the committee is to offer prospective views through research on maritime and port issues to the Secretary and to present solutions to be considered by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

MTSNAC Committee members are selected based on in-depth knowledge of their respective industries or government sectors and will serve a term of three years. Two additional members will be selected for the committee at a later date bringing the committee total to 27 –– 22 members from public and private entities and five senior federal employees from various agencies.  The group is set to meet for the first time this summer.