Lamar University Dance Team Earns Top Honors

Lamar University Dance Team Competition


The Lamar University Dance Team recently competed and showcased their routine at the American Dance/Drill Team (ADTS) Collegiate Championships.
On Saturday, March 26, the LU Dance Team traveled to the University of North Texas in Denton to compete in the ADTS Collegiate Championships. There, they presented their Division I jazz routine. Competing against other Division I programs, the LU Dance Team won first place in the jazz category.
LUDT head coach Courtney Sutton said, "We are so proud of how hard this team worked to learn and prepare this routine in only two short months!"

This marks Sutton's first competition appearance with the LU Dance and Cheer Teams. She joined the staff at LU in January after coaching dance teams at Middle Tennessee State University and Sam Houston State University. She and her staff, including Assistant Dance Coach Dalanah Wafer and Assistant Cheer Coach Matt Allen, have been working hard to prepare the LU Spirit Program for a busy and successful Fall 2022.

  • Morgan Birdsong

    Morgan Birdsong, Senior

    Major: Kinesiology with a Minor in Dance
    "My favorite part about being an LUDT member is having the privilege to support Cardinal sports along side such amazing women! LUDT has brought me friends for a lifetime!"
  • Kaelyn Berry

    Kaelyn Berry, Junior

    Major: History with a Minor in Spanish
    "LUDT has been my ideal dance team for years especially after seeing them at TDEA. I knew LUDT was the team for me!"
  • Hailee Castillo

    Hailee Castillo, Senior

    Major: Dietetics and Nutrition
    "I joined the LU Dance Team because right out of high school, I was not ready to stop dancing yet. I also knew if I made the team, I would make great friends, be on the sidelines supporting all cardinal events, and get to make a lot of memories while still doing what I love."
  • Shawnta Cotton

    Shawnta Cotton, Junior

    Major: Accounting
    "I joined the LU Dance Team to be around a group of people who share the same interests as me and to make lifelong friendships."
  • Kristen Crippen

    Kristen Crippen, Sophomore

    Major: Exercise Science with a Minor in Dance >
    "I joined LUDT in order to surround myself with a close-knit group of people that share a passion for dance and to further enhance my college experience."
  • Jordyn Davis

    Jordyn Davis, Senior

    Major: Human Resource Management
    “After attending the annual TDEA conference in Houston, it was then I saw LUDT perform for the first time. I was immediately interested. It was really fun going to the audition clinic and seeing all the various styles that the program does.”
  • Kennedy Gilder

    Kennedy Gilder, Sophomore

    Major: Speech and Hearing Sciences
    “Back when I was a freshman in high school I noticed the dance team and other LU organizations gaining more spirit for each program overall. It was so fun to see through social media and it sparked my interest for dance team. It was fairly easy to become eager to join after that, especially since I danced all of my life!"
  • Iyanna Goodall

    Iyanna Goodall, Senior

    Major: Physical Education/Teacher Education with a Minor in Dance
    “What makes Lamar University special to me is the opportunities you can create for yourself here on this campus when you put in the work. The opportunities also allow you to network with others who may have the same interest and/or goals as you!”
  • Carli Landry

    Carli Landry, Freshmen

    Major: University Studies >
    “Lamar University is special to me because it is close to home. When I found out this college had a dance team I immediately wanted to be a part of it. Being a part of LUDT has brought me amazing new friends and helped me grow as a dancer.”
  • Mollie McLeod

    Mollie McLeod, Sophomore

    Major: Business Administration with a Minor in Spanish
    “My favorite part of being on LUDT is growing stronger as a dancer and as a person with others who share the same passion and making amazing memories along the way.”
  • Allaina Melancon

    Allaina Melancon, Senior

    Major: Industrial Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics
    “My favorite part about being on LUDT is all the friends I have made and experiences I have been through. I have grown so much as a person, and I am so thankful for all the opportunities I’ve received!”
  • La'Chrisa Patrick

    La’Chrisa Patrick, Junior

    Major: Social Work
    “I joined LU Dance Team after watching them perform at TDEA and seeing how versatile they were.”
  • Jasmine Warner

    Jasmine Warner, Junior

    Major: Theater and Dance
    “I joined the LU Dance Team because of the variety styles they teach! My favorite thing about being on LUDT is basketball season!”
  • Jayda Winters

    Jayda Winters, Senior

    Major: Theater and Dance with a Dance Emphasis
    “Lamar is special to me because all of the student involved events that take place because they allow all students to make new connections and be apart of the community.”

for the 2022-23 LU Dance Team will be held May 7th and 8th at the McDonald Gym. All incoming freshmen, transfer students, and current LU students enrolled full-time with a 2.5 or higher GPA are eligible to audition.

For more information, visit or contact Courtney Sutton, Head Cheer and Dance Coach, at 409-880-7961 or