5 ways college students can prepare for future careers

CICE Students


Hey Cards! I don’t have to tell you twice that college is a busy, exciting time with lot to do. But between all the classes and extracurricular activities, we can sometimes forget the main reason why we’re here in the first place: to have a rewarding career! Luckily, our campus is full of resources and mentors that you can take advantage of to prepare yourself for that dream job! Here’s a few tips:

Set your goal

Depending on what your major is or what job you’d like to have in the future, you can find out now what it will take to get you there. Research job listings and meet with your advisor and career consultant to find out what future employers will be looking for. Your advisor can recommend certain classes that will teach you the specific skills certain jobs require.

Build your resume

There are over 100 student organizations on campus and many are geared toward a specific major or area of study. Joining an organization looks great on your resume. It also can help you gain experience, make friends, build connections and broaden your opportunities in and outside of college. Volunteering and working a job can also help you to stand out, showing that you are hard-working and dedicated. 

Meet with your career consultant

The Center for Career and Professional Development is a unique and valuable resource that will help you rise above the crowd when it comes to searching for jobs. The center provides helpful services such as resume and cover letter critique, mock interviews and job searching so you will go into interviews prepared. Your career consultant can provide you with a checklist of things you can do to prepare for the future based on where you are at in your college education. 

Start spreading your wings

Start applying for internships. They are a great way to get your foot in the door for your dream career field and if the company is impressed with you, they may offer you a permanent position after you graduate. There are many summer internships you can work while on a break from school so you don’t have to balance your classes at the same time. If there is something you’d like to get more experience in or apply what you’ve learned in your classes, an internship is a great opportunity for that as well. Have I mentioned that you should meet with your career consultant? They can not only help find the internship or job that works best for you, but help you prepare your resume, cover letters and interview skills to land the job!

You can always come back to the nest!

Many people may discover new passions and interests after they graduate. They may want to explore career changes or simply need a new job for various reasons and that is okay! The LU Center for Career and Professional Development is still free and available for you to utilize even after you’ve graduated! Also, be sure to remember the Lamar University Office of Alumni Affairs for networking and support. Once a Cardinal, Always a Cardinal!
“I want students to utilize the resources offered at the Center for Career and Professional Development so they can develop lifelong competitive skillsets for an ever-changing global market. It will guarantee that it will improve their self-confidence and make them more successful” says Nicole Kyles-Burton, career consultant at Lamar University. If you need help with anything listed above, visit the Center for Career and Professional Development to get started!