Department of Theatre and Dance presents Dance Unleashed

The Lamar University Department of Theatre and Dance will present their last dance concert of the shani dioufsemester, “Dance Unleashed,” on April 22 at 7:30 p.m. and two showings on April 23 at 2 and 7:30 p.m. All performances will be held in the University Theatre located on the campus of Lamar University.

“Dance Unleashed 2022, the Department of Theatre & Dance’s annual spring faculty concert, consistently offers crowd favorites such as tap, jazz, contemporary, modern and often aerial silks. This year we are thrilled to bring something new to the stage and by one of our own. Shani Diouf, an LUTD alumna and Fulbright Fellow, has been working with our students to bring the traditions of West African dance and drumming to life,” said Amy Elizabeth, instructor of dance. "It is extra special to have Shani return in this new capacity."

Shani Diouf, alumna of the department, choreographed the West African number titled “Bougarabou.” The performance will include drummers Seyba Diouf and Adam Sterling, who will be joining the dancers on stage for the duration of the performances.

When asked about the background and history of West African dance and drumming, Diouf said, “A question about the history of West African dance and drumming is an extremely broad question and would encompass many countries, several tribes and ethnic groups, and subsequently many different dances that fall in that category. What they share are commonalities that can be referred to as African Derived Movement Characteristics (Barbara Glass) or African Aesthetics. These include elements such as movement that has an orientation to the earth, movement that emphasizes the importance of community, singing that includes call and response, percussive drumming, elements of competition, etc.  All of which you will see in ‘Bougarabou.’”

Tickets for “Dance Unleashed” are available for purchase at Prices range from $7-$15.