Cardinal NEST opens at Homer Drive Elementary School

Lamar University is proud to announce the opening of the Cardinal NEST (Navigating Excellence, Success and Triumph), sponsored by the Southeast Texas Food Bank, at Homer Drive Elementary School on April 13.

Cardinal NEST learning labs are innovative and high-tech learning spaces for students of underserved elementary campuses to engage with STEAM-related software. Homer Drive Elementary School NEST

“We created this innovative learning space to be a safe, unique and innovative space for the children of our community,” said Dr. Teresa Simpson, executive director of the Lamar University Division of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Relations. “This lab has been designed to spark and enhance the love of learning in the areas of science, technology, arts, math and reading. All teachers will be able to utilize activities in all languages to take students beyond their imagination, founded by their curiosity, passion and creativity for learning and supporting career exploration to cultivate an early college-going culture.

“Our Cardinal NEST is a tinkerer space — there are really cool gadgets when you get to go inside. But a very critical component of the Cardinals NEST is a feature that would enhance social emotional learning. Many of our students, at some point, have a time where they just need to decompress. They need to go into a space where they don't have to worry about anything else other than themselves. When you walk into the NEST, everything else goes away except for the love of learning in this type of unique environment.”

Lamar alumnae and Beaumont Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Shannon Allen thanked LU saying, “I'm so thankful that Lamar University is continuing this vision and ensuring that every single one of our 14 elementary schools has a NEST. You are invested in Beaumont, Texas — not just the independent school district, but Beaumont, Texas. And I’m so thankful to all for the work that you do. Our kids are so excited. I can't wait for them to see this next NEST at Homer Drive Elementary School.”

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