Political science major lands internship at MehaffyWeber

Lamar University’s Katie Rice, a junior and political science major of Tomball, was selected for an internship at MehaffyWeber Law Firm, where she works as a file clerk on a team of three lawyers, two legal assistants and one legal secretary since she started in the position in September of 2021.

“When I found out, I felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness,” Rice said. “I was nervous because I knew it would be a big change, but still so, so excited because I would actually get real experience in the field I want to be in after graduating from Lamar University.”

Rice explained that ever since she started at Lamar University, she has wanted to work in a position that benefited her future.

“The most exciting part of this internship would be the valuable experience and connections I gain on a daily basis that will assist me greatly in my future career,” she said.

 Rice is also grateful for the rare opportunity, especially when facing challenges in her personal life.

“Everyone I work with is so supportive of not only my goals for my future, but also with challenges in my personal life. My boyfriend recently got into a bad car accident, and we were worried about various legal issues that come along with being in a car accident as serious as his was,” Rice explained. “One of the attorneys I work under offered to meet with him and his parents on a Saturday to talk them through the process of how everything should go and gave them general advice on how to handle the situation. I really appreciated this kind gesture, as did my boyfriend's family. The support I have been given by my team at MehaffyWeber will by far be the most memorable thing I will take away from this internship.”

She credits this opportunity to the constant encouragement of the political science instructors at Lamar University and offered some advice to any students or future Cardinals that may be on the fence about applying to an internship.

“Just do it! Take that jump! It'll be a huge change from whatever job you've had in the past, but you will learn so much,” Rice said. “In the past, I hated going to work every day, but now that I've taken this internship, I love it! It makes such a difference in your life when you get to wake up every morning and do something you actually enjoy rather than something you feel like you just have to do. I'd recommend an internship related to their field of study to anyone.”

Rice plans to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in May of 2023 and to obtain her Master of Public Administration degree through LU’s fast-track program, allowing her to graduate with only one extra year of school.

As for the future? Rice said she’s still figuring it out.

 “I haven't fully decided what I want to do after graduation, but I would absolutely love to teach,” she added. “Law school is also a possibility in the distant future, but not right after graduation.”

For more information about Lamar University’s Political Science program, visit www.lamar.edu/politicalscience.