Dr. Zhe Fan Awarded $177k for Engineering Research Initiative

The National Science Foundation has awarded Dr. Zhe Fan, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, a total of $177,460 for his engineering research initiative in complex concentrated alloys.

The NSF is an independent federal agency created to promote the progress of science and to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare. The foundation will be funding Dr. Fan’s research proposal titled, “Mechanical Behavior of Dual Phase Complex Concentrated Alloys at Elevated Temperatures” which will study the relationship between high temperature mechanical behavior, deformation mechanisms and interface effects in single-phase face-centered cubic and single-phase body centered cubic dual phase complex concentrated alloys. zhe-fan-college-of-engineering

“The success of this project could be beneficial for the development of advanced structural materials at high temperatures,” Fan said. “These materials can be used in applications, such as the oil and gas industry, heat exchanger, nuclear reactors, gas turbines, etc.”

Fan was first interested in this subject because solving the strength-ductility paradox has been a problem point in the community of material science, specifically at high temperatures. Fan’s goal is to explore the mechanical behavior and deformation mechanisms of dual phase complex concentrated alloys for high temperature applications.

This project will offer incorporative research opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students at Lamar University. This study will also involve faculty collaborations from LU and scientists from external institutions.