Dishman Art Museum featuring COHABITATION in exhibition

Greenwalt The Dishman Art Museum is pleased to present COHABITATION, featuring Mayuko Ono Gray and Mark Greenwalt, in exhibition through March 5. DRAWINGS, featuring work by Charles Kanwischer, is on display in the second-floor gallery during the same time.

Gray and Greenwalt are Texas-based artists who create unique drawings in distinctive and visually creative ways. Gray combines drawn imagery with complex 3D-like calligraphy while Greenwalt creates other-worldly visions disconnected from normative realities.

“For both artists, drawing is a sacred activity, where the mind meets physical surfaces, depicted subjects and imagined figurations,” said Dennis Kiel, director of the Dishman Art Museum.

Kanwischer’s studio practice is based primarily in drawing. The various ways that drawings document and embody time is a central concern to his work. Kanwischer is attracted to sites that are visibly and obviously changing from one condition to another – the result of natural decay, erosion or through human activities such as building and demolition. All these situations present evidence of an “ongoingness” that he believes constitutes the deeper subject of his work.

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