Black History Month Student Spotlight: David Williams

In honor of Black History Month, Lamar University will celebrate with a series of events organized and sponsored by a variety of organizations, departments and clubs that highlight and pay tribute to the achievements of African Americans and important events that contributed to U.S. history.

In addition to university events, LU also chose to celebrate Black excellence by spotlighting several Black LU students and the many reasons why they feel this month is important. David Williams, senior mechanical engineering major, shares what motivates him to be successful. david-williams

Why does it feel important to celebrate Black History Month?  
It feels important to celebrate Black History Month because it's important to honor those who came before us and paved the way for Black people to exist in their own way and to achieve what they want to achieve.

What does Black History Month mean to you?
To me, Black History Month is not only a time to celebrate who we are as a people, but also to reflect on where we are as a community. Black people have a complicated history, especially in relation to this country, so it is vital to evaluate what it is we need to do to continue to advance. 

What motivates you to be successful? 
My parents instilled in me a desire to be the best at whatever I'm working at, so, in my mind, success is the only option. I also acknowledge the importance of community and supporting one another. I want to help those in need to be the cornerstone of whatever I pursue.

Which historical figure is most inspiring to you and why?
James Baldwin is the most inspiring to me because of how he was able to so brilliantly capture the importance and complexities of various social issues in his writing and speaking. I am also inspired by him because of how he unashamedly stood up for his people and what was right.

What do you hope to accomplish during this month of recognition and celebration?
I'm applying to various institutions/organizations in order to prepare for my post-graduation endeavors, so I hope to get some acceptance and offer letters this month!

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