Shine a Light Scholarship awarded to nursing student Maggie Larson

Regina Rogers, longtime supporter of LU, attorney and former regent, established the prestigious “Shine a Light” award in loving memory of her dear friend Georgie Volz, an exceptional, courageous and inspirational individual who died at the age of 52 following a long and painful battle with ovarian and breast cancer. The awardee, third-semester nursing student Maggie Larson, was selected by the nursing school scholarship committee.

Larson is a 23-year-old nursing student whose father was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was three years old. She originally set out on a business degree, but realized she was in the wrong field when her dad had his second craniotomy. rogerslarson

“Witnessing an entire team of physicians, nurses, therapists, and staff working together in tandem to assist each patient while simultaneously radiating compassion to our family, it became apparent that this was more than a job for the people in the medical field," Lason said. "It is a calling, an honor and a lifestyle. The staff made an impact in our lives when we were going through a grueling and terrifying experience. I discovered I want to provide people with the same hope and light that the staff provided to my family.”

Cancer and treatments have always been a normal topic of conversation in her household. Ovarian cancer is referenced as a silent killer because its symptoms are often vague and tend to appear later into the cancer’s progression. Larson said her award has truly inspired her and she is grateful for the opportunity to continue supporting cancer awareness and education.

“I already have been given exceptional support through the Dishman School of Nursing’s staff and students, but becoming the first recipient of the “Shine a Light” award established by Regina Rogers in loving memory of the amazing Georgie Volz is a tremendous honor. Two days before Christmas, our department chair Dr. Cindy Stinson called to inform me, and it was the best gift I could ever have imagined.”