Finding hope through Lamar Promise


Alexis Miller is an LU sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism and always knew that she wanted to become a journalist. She discovered her passion for the field as a child watching late-night news segments and seeing each reporter’s passion for telling stories.

In high school, Miller published her first book, “Life Through My Eyes,” a collection of poems that she had written throughout the years. “After publishing my book, I had so many opportunities –– I’ve been on the radio, television, news channels and I’ve traveled so much. I also had a ton of book signings.”

With her first taste of being a true journalist, the Beaumont native set her sights on attending LU with hopes of studying broadcast journalism.

“I knew that I wanted to attend Lamar University because when I visited the campus for the first time in high school, it truly felt like home,” she said. “I really connected with the staff, professors, students and everyone here.”

In the summer of 2019, Miller's dream of becoming a Cardinal was quickly halted when she realized that she didn’t have enough financial aid to cover her first semester at LU.

“There were only a few weeks left before the start of the fall semester. One day my mom and I were sitting around trying to figure out how I was going to pay for college and then I received a call that changed everything.”

Miller had been notified by the LU Scholarships and Financial Aid department that she was eligible for the Lamar Promise program. The Lamar University Promise ensures that sufficient grant and/or scholarship assistance will be provided to cover the full amount of fall and spring in-state tuition and fees for undergraduate Texas residents meeting certain eligibility criteria. New full-time freshmen are eligible for the Lamar Promise program and may continue to have their tuition and fees covered with grant and/or scholarship funds for up to four years as long as they continue to meet eligibility requirements.
“When I received that call, I was excited because my mom really worried about how we were going to pay for my tuition and everything that I needed. Now, I don’t have that worry because of the Lamar Promise,” Miller said. “I just want to thank the donors that donate to all LU scholarships because they really impact the student’s lives and we appreciate that.”
For future Cardinals that may have concerns about financial assistance, Miller has one crucial piece of advice –– “Apply, apply, apply!” she said. “Be sure to complete your financial aid application and apply to every scholarship that you can because it truly does help.”
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