LU Ranked Among Most Diverse Universities in Texas

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Lamar University as the fifth highest on the diverse index among public universities in Texas, and in the top 14% among other ranked, national institutions.

U.S. News developed this ranking by analyzing ethnic categories from each institution’s fall 2019 undergraduate student body, and generating a diversity index between 0 and 1 based on the data. The fall 2019 demographics depict Lamar University as a Predominantly Minority Institution (PMI) with a majority of enrollees as African American, Hispanic or Asian. Lamar University’s index of .68 represents the institution’s ever-present mission for diversity and inclusion.

“LU is an amazingly diverse institution,” said Dr. Jaime Taylor, president of Lamar University. “It’s exciting to see so many perspectives within the learning environment. Much of a student’s learning is shaped by those studying around them, and it’s that diversification of LU’s student body that enriches a student’s education.”

The institution with the highest diversity index among ranked national universities is the University of Hawaii – Hilo at 0.77, while the highest diversity index in Texas is 0.73, belonging to Texas Woman’s University. Other Texas schools following LU include Sam Houston State University and Texas State University at 0.64, UT – San Antonio at 0.59 and Texas Tech at 0.58.

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