LU photography student’s work shown in nationally juried exhibition

Senior photography major Sierra Davis has been selected as one of 39 featured artists in the 2021 Botanical Competition for two of her photography submissions. Botanical is a nationally juried exhibition organized by TAGat120ART in Taylor, TX. The exhibition features original works of art that expressively capture botanical life ranging from paintings, drawings, photography and mixed media.  sierra-davis-art.

“My art is about the moments in nature people often neglect to pause and appreciate,” Davis said. “Everyone has seen drops of water on a plant, but have you really seen it, appreciated it, dwelled in the space of its effortless beauty. Take a moment to view an orchid complicated, but beautiful shape, and just be.”    

Davis’ art pieces “Orchid” and “Drops” will be on display until August 28 and are  available for purchase at

Artist statement:
Sierra Davis is a photographer who uses the medium as a bridge to nature's details, regardless of the scale or intensity. Her images offer her the opportunity to express herself by capturing a moment of peace and grant her the ability to pocket tranquility from nature by pausing time.  Davis believes that to understand reality you must be appreciative of the realities outside of your own, with nature being the most important one. With this understanding she captures the deep inhale before a needed breath, sparks insight through color, and created connectivity via space and perspective.