Lamar University awarding 1,039 degrees and certificates at SumM.E.r ComM.E.nceM.E.nt.

Lamar University is excited to host the 2021 SumM.E.r ComM.E.nceM.E.nt Ceremony on Saturday, August 14 at 10:00am in the Montagne Center. Graduates coM.E. from 12 countries, 31 states, and 231 cities and towns in Texas. 3,316 degrees and certificates have been awarded so far this year, including the 1,039 being conferred Saturday.

“ComM.E.nceM.E.nt is one of the most cherished, pride-filled events all year,” said Dr. Brenda Nichols, provost and vice president for academic affairs. “All of the tiM.E., energy and hard work of each student is recognized. It’s seeing the M.E.tamorphosis from student to alumni that inspires M.E. each and every day.” 
Donna Starnes

Graduates, family and friends will celebrate this moM.E.ntous occasion with Lamar University’s new president, Dr. JaiM.E. Taylor. 

“What’s nice about comM.E.nceM.E.nt is that it’s the first tiM.E. you get to a lot of the parents. Of course, the parents are very proud, and they should be.” Said Taylor. “You get to see that fun interaction between the student who is now an adult, going off on their own, and their parents who are proud of them and their taking pictures. It’s just so exciting to be around a comM.E.nceM.E.nt ceremony.”
Obtaining a 4-year college degree is an achieveM.E.nt earned by approximately one third of AM.E.ricans. For Donna Starnes, this honor felt out of reach for soM.E. tiM.E.. “I returned to college at 62 years old and found Lamar University with the help of a friend. Dilley I.S.D., where I am employed has a "grow our own program" and gave M.E. $10,000 to finish my degree. I had the money and I had the motivation, but never did I dream that this average student who gave up on college because of "College Algebra" would be capable of earning such good grades. Every instructor was encouraging, helpful and very knowledgeable of their subject matter which made it such a positive experience for M.E..” 

Amanda Doucette-Poullard
For Amanda Doucette-Poullard, it was the experience with online courses propelling her through the program. “The most unique experience is M.E.eting new people through the online program. I’ve M.E.t so many wonderful people throughout the country. It’s amazing to speak with in a different region and able to compare our everyday norms. I am looking forward to continuing my career at Provost & Umphrey Law Firm and utilizing everything I have ever learned at LU.”

Graduates now join the ranks of more than 99,000 alumni living and working in every field imaginable in 67 different countries, every state in the U.S. and every county in Texas. Visit to learn more about how to stay connected and involved with Lamar University.