LU Engineering Hosts ExxonMobil Leadership Teams for Day of Collaboration

Lamar University College of Engineering hosted the plant managers and their leadership teams from the four Beaumont area ExxonMobil facilities — ExxonMobil Refinery, ExxonMobil Polyethylene Plant, ExxonMobil Chemical Plant and ExxonMobil Lube Plant — to discuss research and educational initiatives. Joined by LU Engineering faculty and current students, the ExxonMobil teams learned more about the programs that are currently ongoing at LU, as well as some that are on the horizon.

“We strongly value opportunities to engage with our neighbors at Lamar University and we’re proud that LU alumni have joined our company here in Beaumont and at other sites around the country,” Jennifer Dunphy, ExxonMobil Chemical Plant Manager, said. “Our collaborations are mutually-beneficial as we gain valuable academic insight from the College of Engineering, and likewise, we’re able to share industry knowledge to help students succeed in their professional endeavors.” exxon-meeting-2.

Dr. Brian Craig, Dean of the College of Engineering, spoke about the importance of industry partnerships in helping identify areas where curriculum and research can be focused to stay abreast of emerging technologies. He pointed out the strategic location of LU as a natural home for study and research into areas related to the refining industry. “This is the land of opportunity for industry-based work,” he said. “A regional university located in the middle of this area should naturally play a role in researching areas like carbon capture, storage and utilization, and sustainability.”

After the presentation, the teams broke into functional working groups led by LU faculty to discuss research areas like resilience and sustainability, corrosion, railyard optimization, reliability and maintenance, and flaring and green-house gases.