Derina Holtzhausen authors Principles of Strategic Communication

Derina Holtzhausen, dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication and one of the founding scholars of strategic communication as an academic discipline, has authored her third book, Principles of Principles of Strategic CommunicationStrategic Communication, along with fellow authors from the School of Media and Strategic Communications at Oklahoma State University - Jami A Fullerton, professor in the School of Global Studies and Peggy Layman Welch Chair in Strategic Communications; Bobbi Kay Lewis, associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences and associate professor; and Danni Shipka, posthumous author who served as associate professor.

Designed to support the paradigm shift in media and communication, this book presents the basic tenets of strategic communication and its foundational disciplines of advertising, public relations, marketing communications, journalism and organization theory and communication. Drawing on the latest research in the field, the text introduces students to the theories of strategic communication while at the same time outlining how to apply them to everyday practice. To facilitate learning and tie concepts to practice, each chapter includes introductory focus questions, a contemporary global case study, a career profile of a current practitioner, end-of-chapter discussion questions and features that highlight how research methods can be applied to strategic communication practice.

Principles of Strategic Communication is a thrilling new text that introduces students to the emerging field of strategic communication grounded in both theory and practice. It emphasizes strategic decision-making and execution based on research and planning. Real-life case studies and industry insights include international examples, exposing students to diverse ways of thinking and problem-solving. Overall, this book presents the field of strategic communication as an exciting and rewarding career choice for the next generation of professional communicators," said Frauke Hachtmann, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, on her review of the textbook.

Dr. Ansgar Zerfass of Leipzig University, Germany, wrote, “This textbook provides a thorough and thoughtful introduction to strategic communication. It helps students to understand key concepts, apply them to practical challenges, and build a career in the field. The integrated approach and fresh case studies set the book apart. A fundamental work that many scholars worldwide have been waiting for–highly recommended.”

Principles of Strategic Communication is Holtzhausen’s third venture in the project to develop strategic communication as an academic discipline. She co-founded the International Journal of Strategic Communication in 2007 and was co-editor of The Routledge Handbook of Strategic Communication published in 2015, with a 2nd edition to be released in 2023. She is also the author of the award-winning book Public Relations as Activism: Postmodern Approaches to Theory and Practice.

Principles of Strategic Communication is now available worldwide through Routledge. For more information on Holtzhausen or the LU College of Fine Arts and Communication, please visit