Big Red and Lu Mascots Revealed

Lamar University has two beloved mascots – Big Red and Lu. You can usually spot this dynamic duo at campus sporting events cheering on student athletes, welcoming incoming Cardinals, strolling through the quad and all around the Southeast Texas area. From Big Red's mesmerizing dance moves to Lu's dazzling hair bows, our favorite birds often leave fans wondering, 'who's behind the mask?' For the first time in Lamar University history, we have revealed the secret identity of the Big Red and Lu mascots. 

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot):  0:03
So I have a secret that I've been keeping for the last four years from pretty much all of you. 

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 0:08
First off, I would like to say I'm sorry, you've met Big Red at one point in your time here and I just want to apologize for that because he's, he's a handful. But I know y'all always said that was the biggest fan of this school. And I had a legit reason why I was the biggest fan of Lamar University because – I was the biggest fan of Lamar University. I was Big Red himself. So surprise, after five years of going to this school, I can finally say that I was Lamar University mascot Big Red.

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 0:38
I'm Lu. So, if you've seen the girl bird with the big bow, it's me. That may be a shocker to a lot of y'all. But, not to me.

How many people knew that you were the mascot?

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 0:51
I – in my mind, I think everyone knows. Like, there's some kids that I go to class with right now that don't know, like, I've told five people that I've met at Lamar ....six.

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 1:00
Same. Like, besides, I mean, my family knows, of course.

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot):
Yeah, my family, forgot about them.

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot):
But like, besides the upperclassmen in my department, none of like the lower classmen know. Other than that, like if you were to just see me, you would have no idea. Unless, like, you knew.

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 1:16
So like, I wouldn't even tell my professors. Like, if I had to skip a class or miss a class because of a Big Red event, I would either say something along the lines of I'm part of the Spirit team. And sometimes they would ask, 'Oh, you're a cheerleader?' No. 'You're in, you're a dance?' No. 'You're – you're a band member?' No, I'm just kind of with them. 'Okay.' And then normally, they would just kind of let it dissolve.

What has been your favorite moment as the mascot?

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 1:46
The one that pops into my head is when we filmed the Christmas video, and I shattered the ornament in the dorm room. I don't know why that was my favorite thing that ever happened. But it just like it literally – I think about it when I'm having a bad day because I'm like, you remember when I did that? And like, just our expressions because Alexis the human thought she nailed it and Lu was like, 'Oh, you've got this girl.' And then when I heard it shatter, I was like, Oh, no.

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 2:15
Then there's my end. There's like glass, or it wasn't even glass. It was glass? It was glass. Glass all over me and like all over the bed and I'm just sitting there like, what? Do you want to stay in character? Do I –– like there's glass on me.

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 2:28
But I will say the way that shattered could have been a sound effect.

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 2:35
Seriously, honest. The coolest thing I've ever done. Mind you, I went to the first ever playoff game in Cedar Falls, Iowa and got to perform on Kyle Field. My most coolest thing I've ever done is I got to direct the Showcase of Southeast Texas during a football game. Dr. Shannon let me get up there and I directed them, and it was literally like I was crying behind the mask because I was so genuinely happy. Because the band is my favorite group on campus, I love them so much and that was my – that was the coolest thing. Doctor – I love Dr. Shannon for letting me do that because that was coolest thing. Coolest thing.

How has this changed your LU experience?

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 3:11
It got me more involved, because I had to be involved. So, normal things that I probably wouldn't have gone to as just a regular student, I had to be there as the mascot. So, just being able to be a part of the stuff that I normally would have not been a part of.

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 3:27
Oh, yeah, most definitely. Like I know, I'm a commuter. So, I know for a fact if it wasn't for Big Red, I would drive to school, go to class and drive home. Yeah, because of Big Red I was like forced to get involved. It sounds cheesy, but getting involved is really fun. And like because I was involved with Big Red, I decided to start going to events as Jessi and I actually had really fun and met my friends at said events. So, get involved. It sounds cheesy, I know, but get involved.

What are you going to miss, now that you are graduating?

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 3:58
The thing I'm gonna' miss the most is like the fans. You form a connection with these people and these people don't even know who you are, you know and like getting to like do the stuff behind the scenes and just getting just being here and living in this moment. I'm going to miss it.

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 4:15
Okay, well it's about to make you cry. I'm not trying to make you cry.

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 4:17
Oh my god, Alexis.

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 4:18
But, when we're able to do stuff together like at events, it's a whole different Big Red and Lu than when we're apart.

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 4:29
Yes. And yeah, not gonna cry. 

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 4:32
But, it's just like another chapter closing and...

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 4:33
We're excited about our next chapter but then we're heartbroken that we have to leave. We have to close this one. Are we doing it? We're shaking it? Go Cards, peck 'em.

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 4:32
Peck 'em.

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 4:44
We're gonna' miss the school. I'm gonna' miss throwing my L up. Go Cards.

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 4:48
I am too. Peck 'Em.

Jessi Lavergne (Big Red mascot): 4:51
Just wing it.

Alexis Bertrand (Lu mascot): 4:52
Just wing it.