LU receives donation of Lynn Sweat papers

Lynn Sweat Image 1954A collection of Lynn Sweat papers, including correspondence with artists and galleries, newspaper clippings and exhibit catalogues is now a part of Lamar University Archives.

Sweat is a 1956 graduate of LU, author and illustrator, best known for his illustrations of the Amelia Bedelia children’s books. However, his works have illustrated a wealth of books including textbooks and the covers of paperbacks including H.G. Wells’ “Time Machine.” His art has been exhibited at galleries ranging from New York City to the Dishman Art Museum on the Lamar University campus.

Sweat credits his upbringing for much of his success: “My childhood was spent on the
Lynn Sweat Yearbook

Tommie Jean Rutherford and Orvalyn
Rowzee watch Lynn Sweat demonstrate
his talent for portrait work. 

coast of Texas. My first memories are those of being close to nature, dragonflies, turtles, frogs, ducks, wild geese, birds and clouds. I always had a love for pencils, crayons and libraries. After I graduated from high school, my interest in art led me to study commercial illustration in college.”

Sweat recollected his days at LU fondly, in a University Press article, “My old art instructor, Harold Pelfry and Myrtle Kerr and many others at Lamar have had a great influence on my life.”

The Art Studio in Beaumont facilitated the donation to LU’s archives.