Top 10 essential apps for college student survival


We all use technology and smartphones all the time, so college students, we may as well use them to our educational advantage. Here are ten apps and websites that will help you keep on top of your course load!

1. Evernote evernote app

The Evernote app lets you put all of your notes and ideas together in one place. You are also able to choose templates that best fit the style of notes you prefer. In addition to typing in notes directly in the app, you can add in pictures, links, and attachments. You can even add in pictures of your class notes to go along with your study notes and have everything in one place and accessible on the go! 

2. Quizlet quizlet

Quizlet is one of the most popular study apps and it’s easy to see why. Quizlet is an app for virtual flashcards that allows you to make your own flashcard sets from scratch or search for pre-existing sets on a plethora of subjects. You can also share sets with your classmates. The coolest function of Quizlet? This app reads your note cards out loud to you and also provides interactive features to enhance your study experience. There are quizzes you can take as well as matching games for any flashcard set that you choose.

3. Khan Academy   evernote app

Khan Academy is a great fit for any and all learning styles and has many different lessons. After you select the subject you would like to study, the app will take you through different interesting and informative videos and articles and then quiz you on the material.

4.   evernote app

Any and every aspect of your busy college lifestyle can be organized by this app! It offers to-do lists, a calendar, planner and reminders. You will easily be able to keep up with due dates, deadlines, tests, events, and anything else you spend your time on. Plus, you won’t be doing it alone! You can tag your friends in events such as study group sessions, club meetings or to-do lists for group projects.

5. Doodle   evernote app

This app is perfect for student organizations or any kind of group work. The shared calendar and planner features allows you and your peers to visualize everyone’s busy schedules and plan convenient times for everyone to meet!

6. Remente   evernote app

We all need a forum to destress and relax after a stressful day or week. The journal feature in the Remente app allows you to track your mood and add notes and photos. Another neat tool is a customizable chart for you to asses and balance the different aspects of your life such as relationships, education, work, fitness, well-being, family, your social life, entertainment, and finances. 

7. Mendeley   evernote app

Mendeley is a PDF reader that is a great way to keep up with all of your notes and documents. You can add documents to the app and sync your work on all of your devices. If you have a great idea for your essay, but are not near your computer or laptop, you can add it right in on the app! You can also share files with your instructors or classmates. Mendeley is like a social media platform, but for school –– you can follow other people and see the interesting educational content that they post and, if you like their content or find it helpful, you can add it to your library.

8. My Homework   evernote app

This planner, calendar and to-do app is made especially for students! After you list all of your tasks, you can organize them by class, priority, due date and category. It allows you to view all of your tasks or condense the list in whatever way you need. 

9. Blackboard   evernote app

Many, if not all Lamar students use blackboard whether classes are online, hybrid, or face to face. Having the blackboard app at hand will make it easy to check grades, see due dates, updates and announcements from your instructor.

10. Flora   evernote app

Turn studying into a productive game with Flora –– the app that lets you plant trees! The timer features times you while you study and lets you know when to take a break. It’s an effective means for productive studying without overworking yourself. An interactive feature allows you to plant and care for trees by accomplishing your personal goals. Upgrading the app will give you an option to plant trees in real life too.