Online programs rank in the top 20 in Texas

Best Online Colleges in Texas has ranked Lamar University in the top 20 online colleges in the state.

Lamar University ranks 14 in Best Online Colleges’ classification that indexes and analyzes every online Best Online College Badgeprogram offered by colleges and universities in Texas to give prospective students the best source for finding an online degree in-state.

The ranking utilizes local career information to give prospective students more realistic job growth stats and salary information, compared to looking at national averages. The colleges ranked allow Texans to earn quality degrees on their own terms in a wide selection of high-demand fields.

Factors contributing to Lamar University’s ranking included its degree offerings - 43 online degrees, including 27 master’s programs and one doctoral program. Additionally, LU ranks as best in the nation for an online Bachelor of Arts in General Studies, and among the best in the nation for the online Master of Arts in School Counseling.

Additionally, Lamar University ranked seventh among the most affordable institutions of higher learning and seventh for best value or return on investment. Lamar University is a member of the Texas State University System, which maintains the lowest average tuition and fees of any university system in Texas.

Best Online Colleges also noted LU’s programs designed to cater to working professionals and those programs that allow high school students to earn dual credit - college credit while fulfilling high school graduation requirements.

Lamar University has a long history in the delivery of educational material using the digital modality. To learn more about LU’s online degree programs, visit