Connecting with Cardinals: Luis Arevalo


Luis Arevalo, chemical engineering major, wanted to give a voice to the Hispanic community, which makes up 23% of Lamar’s student population, by creating a new organization called the Lamar University Hispanic Society.

Arevalo made the choice to come to LU after talking to a chemical engineer from Flint Hills at a luncheon hosted by the university. As Hills discussed his day-to-day duties and his job, Arevalo could already see himself doing that in his future. Arevalo also discovered that Hills graduated from LU, “Lamar is definitely a more financially reasonable choice,” said Arevalo. “They go above and beyond to provide financial assistance for their students which really shows they care and that’s why I’m here today.”

Arevalo and Hector Flores, advisor for the organization and Chief of Police, both came up with the idea of starting the organization when they noticed the lack of a centralized form of organization amongst Hispanics on campus. “We’re not unified in any kind of way and considering the fact that we share so many cultural connections, values, and goals as Hispanics, it was definitely a need and we are simply trying to fill it” Arevalo replied about his motivation in creating the organization. “Hispanics are underrepresented in all government bodies from our very own Student Government Association to the local, state, and national government.”

When asked about the importance of Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month, Arevalo stated, “Hispanic Heritage Month is a time of year where we observe the unique contribution that Hispanics have made to the story of the United States and recognize them. Our diverse cultures have all played an influential role in American history and I think it’s important to celebrate that.”

Arevalo's advice to all students considering starting their own organization? Find a mentor that will commit time, energy, and effort to ensure the organizations success, “Typically, it’s an upperclassman but it can be a parent, cousin, or in my case our advisor, Hector Flores. I don’t believe this organization would have grown as fast or be as organized as it has been without the continuous efforts from him.

For those interested in learning more about the Lamar University Hispanic Society, their next general meeting is scheduled for Monday October 12 from 4:00-5:00 p.m. and are planned to take place every other week. They will also host different social, cultural, and informative events throughout this semester. The organization is currently holding a t-shirt design contest and they have a tentative date set for their Hispanic Heritage Month Social, October 12. Other events they are planning, but have not set dates for yet, are: Day of the Dead Movie Night, Online Competency Workshop, and a Professional Development Workshop with a guest speaker.

For more information on the Lamar University Hispanic Society, email You can also find the organization on Facebook by searching Lamar University Hispanic Society and Instagram (@lamar_hispanicsociety).